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    So both the repubs and dems think it would be a wise move to give us peasants a tax rebate of around $800 to stimulate the economy.

    Isnt this kind of an admission that we are taxed too highly and that if we the people were allowed to keep more of what we earn the economy would be robust??:confused: :mad:
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    Just give me the money! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

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    A very profound statement:thumb:
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    Well, dunno about you guys, but I feel like the tax man has been violating me for many years now.

    OF COURSE the money would stimulate the economy, but what about the budget deficits and the growing national debt? I think I'd like to see some of these large and/or foreign corporations stripped of their tax shelter status, and maybe some protective tarrifs on imports (like they do us). Then we can lower our taxes to where they should be to begin with!!!!

    Are you tired, brothers? We should be, we're carrying the rest of the country!

    End of rant, c'mon tax return!
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    A one month supply of gasoline? How is that going to help the economy. Maybe the CEO's of the Oil Companies need a raise? :smack:
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    :applaud: :up: :highfive:
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    Help the economy?? How about helping ME??? As soon as I spend it, somebody else gets the benefit. Yeah, I know, that's economy. Maybe I need to change my last name to Economy.
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    Now let me see how many times can I fiil my gas tank. :head: maybe eight times. :smack:
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    Bull-oney I need it worser than you:razz: :thumb:
  10. .270Win

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    This puts it all in the proper perspective, best article I've read in a long time: (a little long but well worth the time)

    NEW YORK (CNN) -- President Bush's assurances that we'll all be "just fine" if he and Congress can work out an economic stimulus package seem a little hollow this morning.

    Much like Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke's assurances last May that the subprime mortgage meltdown would be contained and not affect the broader economy. And it seems Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has spent most of the past year trying to influence Chinese economic policy rather than setting the direction of U.S. economic policy.

    There is no question that Bush, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will quickly come up with an economic stimulus package simply because they can no longer ignore our economic and financial crisis. That economic stimulus plan will amount to about 1 percent of our nation's gross domestic product, an estimated $150 billion.

    But all of us should recognize that the stimulus package will be inadequate to drive sustainable growth in our $13 trillion economy. An emergency Fed rate cut and an economic stimulus plan are short-term responses to our complex economic problems, nothing more than bandages for a hemorrhaging economy.

    Bush, Pelosi, Reid and the presidential candidates of both parties have an opportunity now, and I believe an obligation, to adjust the public policy mistakes of the past quarter-century that have led to this crisis. And only through courageous policy decisions will we be able to steer this nation's economy away from the brink of outright disaster.

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    We all have to acknowledge that our problems were in part brought on by the failure of our government to regulate the institutions and markets that are now in crisis. The irresponsible fiscal policies of the past decade have led to a national debt that amounts to $9 trillion. The irresponsible so-called free trade policies of Democratic and Republican administrations over the past three decades have produced a trade debt that now amounts to more than $6 trillion, and that debt is rising faster than our national debt. All of which is contributing to the plunge in the value of the U.S. dollar.

    At precisely the point in our history in which this nation has become ever more dependent on foreign producers for everything from clothing to computers to technology to energy, our weakened dollar is making the price of an ever-increasing number of imported goods even more expensive.

    All Americans will soon have to face a bitter and now obvious truth: Our national, political and economic leaders have squandered this nation's wealth, and the price of this profligacy has just come due for us all.

    Bernanke endorsed the concept of a short-term economic stimulus package, but he cautioned that the money must be spent correctly: "You'd hope that [consumers] would spend it on things that are domestically produced so that the spending power doesn't go elsewhere."

    Just what would you have us spend it on? The truth is that consumers spend most of their money on foreign imports, and any stimulus package probably would be stimulating foreign economies rather than our own. Imports, for example, account for 92 percent of our non-athletic footwear, 92 percent of audio video equipment, 89 percent of our luggage and 73 percent of power tools. In fact, between 1997 and 2006, only five of the 114 industries examined in a U.S. Business and Industry Council report gained market share against import competition.

    And let's be honest and straightforward, as I hope our president and the candidates for president will be: This stimulus will not prevent a recession. It may ease the pain for millions of Americans, but a recession we will have. The question is how deep, how prolonged and how painful will it be. Unfortunately, we're about to find out how committed and capable our national leaders are at mitigating that pain and producing realistic policy decisions for this nation that stands at the brink.
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    Too long bru...I only got full use of one eye, so far....:razz:
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    Get that cutie pie Iris to read it to you, it's worth it. :thumb:

  13. As much as I would like to have $800 (which i bet only a few will get, the rest of us will probably get alot less), I would rather see $150 billon go to fix medicare and social security.

    Just think how much of the money will be used in non-economical spending ways (drugs, sex, hiring hitmen, etc)
  14. .270Win

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    Fella's, let me tell you from first hand experience how "right on" that article is:

    Last week I was reading another article about how our imported goods were the biggest problem we face in the good ol' USA.

    My wife, daugher and I all checked our clothes that were ON OUR BACKS at the time, just to see where they were made. Turns out that my daughter had a shirt on that was made in the USA, EVERTHING ELSE was made in China, Korea, Phillipines, Vietnam, or another foreign country. Why is this? Because MY family, like most others, buys most of our clothes from Wal-Mart. Enough said.

    I challenge any one of you right now, look at the labels on the clothes you're wearing right now and post where they were made. It will shock you!

    This is what's wrong with America!

    I await your replys.

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    She jess got home from children's church:thumb:
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    That's juss about enuff to pay my bills!:thumb:
  17. John Stiles

    John Stiles Ultimate Member 2007 Team Turkey Contest Winner wife wants to know how many people besides me just stripped off naked...........usa...usa...and yes...usa:thumb:
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    I plan on spending mine to pay off my student loan and my credit card. :wink:

    I was on my way home today and I stopped off to get some .22 magnum bullets, I thought that I could probably get them cheaper at Wally-World, but
    then I thought I would rather spend a little extra and buy them from the little man, instead of getting harrased and hasseled by the big bully known as Wal-Mart. :thumb:
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    My sox ain't got no tag......
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    :humble: but, by boots was made in usa too! everthang I had on was made in; USA:humble: :usa: