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Discussion in 'Trapping' started by Whitecliff, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Whitecliff

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    hey guys wondering if anyone knew of a good ole boy who will tan some hides at a decent price. I called around to some of the taxidermy shops and those guys wanted a ton to tan a coon hide. I live near little rock so if you know anyone would be greatly appreciative. thanks
  2. thomasw_lrd

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    You can do it yourself, do a little googling there are several good resources online. I've never tried it but I've got a coon and a grimmer in the freezer waiting till I get some extra cash to do it.

  3. neotoxo

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    These people do a good job at a reasonable price.

    The Arkansas Trappers Asso. sent a collection of Arkansas fur to them to tan for our show-n-tell presentations...
    All came back nice and soft...
  4. Whitecliff

    Whitecliff Well-Known Member

    16 dollars for a coon skin is fair i think (which is what that place charges) , I just wish there was a place close I could drop em off at. I called chipmunks here in little rock and they quoted me 200 for a coon!!! i almost hung up on em! I will never take anything to them. Know anybody close?
  5. Leighton

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    I've sent mine to Molley Mink & tannery out west. They did excellent work. I've got about 25 dollars in each hide after shipping though.....
  6. Whitecliff

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    But they have to be skinned fleshed and dried before you ship them right? I have skinned a truck load of deer but not sure I know how to skin and flesh a coon. I don't even have a fleshing knife.
  7. neotoxo

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    For tanning you could open skin a coon but the most common way is called "case skinning"

    YouTube "skin and flesh a raccoon" and you will find several good vids...each a little different but all correct...Don't forget to split out the tail

    Nothing special about fleshing...you can to do it sitting in a chair and on your knee...just use a scary sharp knife and lay the blade flat to the hide as you slice
    off fat and meat...
  8. Buck-Ridge

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    I've tanned a fox, some beaver, and deer hides hair off. It doesn't cost much for the needs . It does require some labor. Coons have to be degreased to which requires a little chemical expense. For most people if it cost 25 dollars a coon it would be a bargain. The Chemicals I used were inexpensive. Laundry detergent to wash the fur. Battery acid and salt to tan it. Borax to neutralize the acid, and neats foot oil to break and condition the leather. We used wood ashes to dehair the deer.
  9. Dmille5

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    Just got info from usafoxx.com they are in Minnesota pretty reasonable on tanning high on fleshing but they will do it all and you can ship raw or green fur to them.I didn't ask how but I'm sure it would need to be frozen before shipping 17$ to tan coon hide 12$ for fleshing I'm pretty sure they will tell you how to ship them frozen phone number is 18008723699
  10. backstrapfever

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    You have to freeze them and ship them on dry ice, one or two day shipping. It will be high to ship too. I use a pressure washer to flesh sometimes, i also use a beam but the pressure washer will work, just use the medium tip and be carful.
  11. runingelk66

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    use a single edge razor blades to flesh and get u some stuff called kowtan it makes a soft hide