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We had about 15 woodies come into the hole but there was about 40 mallards working hard and we where not watching the woodies and my son was standing close the edge and I guess this woody thinks his head was a soft place land. I hear my son holler at me and look up this is what I see. Okay! Here is the story! My son shot this woody this morning, and I guess only one pellet hit him in the left eye and knocked him out. I threw the duck in the boat and a while later we look up and it is walking around in the boat. I picked it up and sat it on my sons head just messing with him and the woody stayed up there for a round of pics for everybody to take. We had a good laugh, and a great hunt this morning. We killed 11 ducks and and 4 squirrels. All and all a great day with friends and my son.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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