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Dang, how neat.

I think (?) that was the year that Rick fished the Pine Bluff harbor and probably didn't even start his big motor. IF (?) I remember right, that was (and probably still is) the BMC record poundage for a 3 days tourney. I think (again ??) that he totaled about 75 lbs.

Now you won't believe this, but I was also on the Arkansas River, Toad Suck pool, and I outfished his Saturday total!! He caught about 25 lbs, and I caught about 45 lbs. We fished exclusively plastic worms on the Rip Rap below the Toad Suck dam. HOWEVER, the 45 lbs I caught on plastic worms were not all bass. I caught about a 22 lb drum, a 12 lb catfish, and a few bass. LOLOL! Maybe backwards, but something like that.

That may have been the year that we had the massive drought. Conway didn't have Lake Brewer yet, and they had built Beaverfork for that reason but it never panned out for some reason. They were getting water from Cadron Creek I think. But it was so low it never reached the intake valve, so they got it from the Arkansas River. There was so much salt that the whole city got diarrhea. But that low-water condition made the Ark River like a calm, clear lake after a while. We literally tore bass up all year, and really for several years after that. We'd sit out in the boat in the middle of the river and wait for the spinner-bait, crankbait guys to leave a particular Rip Rap, then go in and rip their lips.

Those were the days. That was back when I was a young hair-on-fire bass fisherman and didn't know any better. :D
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