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Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by SwampCat, Dec 28, 2010.

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    A post on another part of this forum advocating getting on facebook and signing up to ban a particular form of hunting got me to thinking - I must not be nearly self centered enough. I have never been on facebook, so I might need some help setting that up, and I have never been good at being self centered, so redirect me if I stray. I think since we, the users of this forum, are obviously the experts in all subjects related to hunting, we could set up a facebook page and have all of us post what we think would best suit each of our own self centered well being, and then what ever is left, we could petition the G&F to straighten out the hunting regs. Just post what you think needs to change from current regs.

    I will start:
    Deer hunting - 4 pt on a side or better, gun season - one week mid Nov., 4 days Thanksgiving, one week mid December, no dogs, no baiting, no caliber less than .24, proficiency test - 3 shots, less than ten inch group off hand at 100 yrds. Proficiency test of archery - traditional or compound - 3 shot, 6 inch group at 50 yrds.

    Duck Hunting - no shell longer than 3", limited permit only Bayou Meto

    Turkey - One gobbler limit (jake or adult), season opens on Saturday closest to Apr 1 (next year, after I retire, I want that changed to a Monday opener) - 21 days, no calls in the woods before season opens.

    Hog/Varmit - .30 cal or less legal year round, snares legal near a fence, coyote/varmit legal at night on your own property, trapping legal year round

    And make sure you get your wive's, girlfriends/boyfriends, kids, dogs and cats to sign on facebook and post their likes and dislikes, since we need some input from the non-hunting public.

    And if you can't tell, this was done tongue in cheek - but this is exactly what this forum is becoming. If we each demanded our own self centered desires, and everyone's request was considered, there probably would not be any hunting left that would suit us all.

    You probably don't like the way I hunt and I probably don't like the way you hunt. Guys (and girls), we are all hunters and all in this together. There is strength in numbers and we hunters are in the minority to begin with. There is still room for all of us. Next time somebody kills a small 8pt, or kills a duck with a spinner, or shoots a deer with a mechanical broadhead, be glad for them - chances are, you are doing something they don't like, either. I think a good New Years resolution for hunters would be to support each other, and quit badmouthing somebody because they hunt in a way different than you.
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    Being we are just kidding, why not put the bar high to start with!:biggrin:
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    3 shot, 6 inch group at 50 yards with archery. Bwahahahahah x 50-11:fit::fit::fit::fit:
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    only thing i dont like with your regulations is the 6 inch group at 50 yards for archery. Every bow hunter i no wont shoot past 30 i suggest a 4 inch group at 30 yards for that test
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    I will give you that one - I just figured if you could stay with a six inch group at 50 you could easily do your 4 inch group at 30. I have not shot many deer over 30 yds, but I shoot a lot of hogs around 50:biggrin:
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    well everyone i no except for 2 people will not shoot anything past 30 with there bow. But i would shoot a deer at 50 and a buddy of mine would shoot one at 50, but we are the exceptions i guess
  9. Okay lets play......
    Ban and I said BAN all archery seasons. Ban all Muzzleloader season.
    A 3 week modern rifle season to control population and be done with it.

    Turkey.....1 week free for all any turkey to control population.

    Just make leases illegal and a free for all.......I CAN HUNT IN YOUR BACK YARD!

    Hey since this is just a hypothetical free for all......only those that are veteran of the Armed Forces may hunt.
    Hey it's all in fun huh???
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    but not fair to the people that like to bowhunt and the people that arent veterans of the armed forces
  11. So.......this was supposed to be fair?
    It's all in fun right?
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    ok, what would you says if i made the regulations where anyone under the age of 25 could kill deer year round, day or night with any weapon and no bag limit. People over 25 only have 3 days in december and can only shoot 2 deer.
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    How would the above make Arkansas hunting better?

    if you're trying to build a mega B&C buck destination, make it a 170" mimimun B&C score rule, no rifle hunting, no shotgun - archery only and only recurves and longbows or selfbows and a 3 day season Dec 1-3

    in 4-5 years you'd see MONGO whitetails coming from Arkansas .... everyone would see a helluva lot of bucks, very very few would ever get killed but hey, who cares about that, right?

    I mean c'mon ...... my examples were just a shade farther over on the ridiculous side than yours to be honest
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    You are not being self centered enough. My intent is to make Arkansas a better hunting place for ME - I don't care what you or anyone else wants. I like to bowhunt but where I hunt, the hunting is not easy, so by making it 4 pts on a side or better, I still get to shoot a decent deer regularly, and I get to hunt five months, but I don't have to wait for that one big one to come walking by.

    Stealthy - I figured at the least would ban mechanical broadheads, light arrows, and high fenced hunting.

    My point is, if we banned everything each and everyone of us does not like, there would not be any hunting left - for any of us.
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    I'm gonna take a wild guess ? your a dog runner :rolleyes: :dead: :pot:
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    That has never stopped you before Crutchfield!
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    i dont shoot deer at night or out of season. I was just making a point
  18. SwampCat

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    Not hardly - although I do have duck dogs.
  19. Sarcasm my friend.......as outrageous as the thread.......:wink:
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    ya i no:smack: