Tagged out today.

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by cvan, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. cvan

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    Got this big doe today in my food plot. She finished out a great year of bow hunting for me. Six deer from 4 counties spread over 4 months with one of the bucks being my best ever. I guess I'll spend the next two months trying to video a bow kill for Lvan, scouting for next year and looking for hog or two to run a Beman through.
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  4. Gumbo Guru

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    Congratulations on a great season... That's a fine tracking dog posing with you:thumb:
  5. BDW

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    Congrats on a great season!!
  6. greenhead22

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    That's awesome. Next time smile in your picture lol
  7. Nuge Fan

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    Nice work! I'm working on it! 5 deer down (4 in AR), 2 doe tags left
  8. deltabowhunter

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    Congratulations! Time to go fishing! Sure hope I can tag out this year, but with 4 tags left and only 2.5 months it ain't looking good!
  9. cvan

    cvan Well-Known Member

    Yea, actually we were going to try and train her to do some tracking but after seeing a couple of big cottonmouths early in the season, we changed our mind. Lvan would skin me if that dog got bit!

    I was smiling on the inside. I love me some bowhunting! Here ya go.:biggrin:
  10. Matt Howell

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    Man you had an awesome year! Great job!
  11. bottomlands

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    Sounds like a lot of fun!! Congrats!!
  12. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    You and Lvan put the hurt on the deer population in your neck of the woods!! :thumb:
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    Congrats! You run that tekkan II through her?

  15. cvan

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    Thanks guys. It's been a good year of hunting. BPS, no Tekkan couldn't find an o-ring to fit it. Used a Rage. It worked well, there was quite a bit of blood. It didn't stick in the ground on the other side like a muzzy or trick but it passed through both shoulder blades. Two big holes, that's what counts. I didn't really have to trail her, Buster went back with me and he found her quickly. Glad he did, it started pouring rain and the blood was washing out quickly.
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