Sylamore creek floating/fishing/hunting

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    I have a variety of questions so figured I would ask on this section. I want to go float sylamore creek and fish. Float half a day and catch some smallmouth, and then camp on a sandbar or something. Wake up, and maybe turkey hunt and fish again and float to the take-out point. I've always wanted to do this, but I don't know the area at all. By looking at a map, I'm thinking maybe launch at North Sylamore campground and take out at white river. How navigable will the creek be? Any suggestions on what ramps to launch and take out would be great. Or some tips for the trip. Feel free to shoot me a PM
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    You will need a light boat. I have been from the White up the Sylamore a ways and it had pools of floatable water, but we had to drag the boat a bunch.

    Make sure you take several Rebel Crawdad crank baits in different colors mostly orange.
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    It depends on how wet the season is. Go after a rainy spell, and you should have no problems. Go during dry weather, and you'll drag as much as you paddle.

    Consider an inflatable -- you can rent one at Angler's, right where Sylamore runs into the White River.
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    You will have to drag your canoe, tube, boat or what ever from one hole of water to the next. If the creek is up from a recent rain you will get to float more but you need some experience /expertise to handle the rapid water flow.

    Use baits that have crawdad colors or silver minnow flash on 6lb test line.. Watch for snakes in the shallow water areas and overhanging limbs. Some folks that own land along the creek do not want anyone on their land. Don't litter and be curious and most of the land owners will leave you alone. To catch the larger smallmouth bass approach the head or tail of a pool slowly and use stealth. I like a crawdad color crank bait and/or a crawdad color Road Runner 1/8 oz. or close to that with a flash blade.
    Good Luck! :thumb:
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    Is the land around the creek not all National Forest and public?
  6. No, some of it is private land.
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    Hmm guess I'll have to get a physical map that shows that