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    Anyone have a factory made or custom cargo rack for the back of a ranger? I am wanting to make one but am curious how they are fastened to the bed?
    Any info/ideas are appreciated.
    Pic for example
    ImageUploadedByArkansas Hunting1501451405.793087.jpg
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    I had one made that using the lock and ride tabs you can buy on eBay for like 20$ ImageUploadedByArkansas Hunting1503373726.307994.jpg

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    I had a guy make mine and it's a tension fit. I had hooks for Texas Rigs welded on, and it has a mount for a future rear-facing lightbar. It takes a lot of upward force to pull it out of the bed once it's in completely, and it even stays secure when you tip the bed back.

    HOWEVER, if you're driving through the woods and one of those hooks that you strategically placed on the rack gets hung on a strong tree branch or a strong green vine, it'll pull the whole rack out in a hurry.