Sweet 16 permit question

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by mach316, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. mach316

    mach316 Well-Known Member

    Was looking to get one of these permits online but the mighty Dave Donaldson is not an option to click on. I assume you do have to have one of these to duck hunt right or is this just for deer??
  2. Dogs & Ducks

    Dogs & Ducks Well-Known Member

    Don't know about Donaldson but the sweet 16 applies to ALL activities.

  3. Joe blow

    Joe blow Well-Known Member

    It was the first one listed when I printed mine out
  4. mach316

    mach316 Well-Known Member

    I put my info in again and it came up. Thanks for the help..

    DODGEMAN Well-Known Member

    What is the deal with having to apply for these permits?

    Is it so you supposed to know the new regulations?
  6. Thats the only thing I can figure out DM.. Its about to the point where you need to carry a briefcase just to be able to carry all the signed paperwork you need to go hunting.. Their bogging me down with paperwork at the ramp.. Its all free but you dang sure better have it all signed and on you ..:banghead:
  7. bottmhtr

    bottmhtr Well-Known Member

    i forgot about that stupid thing. guess i better print one tonight.
  8. pearlsnaps

    pearlsnaps Well-Known Member

    Its stated that there are no penalties for not having a sweet 16 permit.
    I got mine anyways. Figure it's better not to PO a WO.
  9. skattersskybuster

    skattersskybuster Well-Known Member

    dont print it, dont sign it, dont even think about it: rage against the machine
  10. wood duck whacker

    wood duck whacker Well-Known Member

    The way I read it is its a deer survey/permit. It says you must have it before any type of hunting. Since its a deer permit I take that as bow, muzzleloading , or modern gun. I don't plan on hunting any of the sweet 16 accept maybe Ed Gordon. If I get checked I will explain my reading of it to the warden.
  11. brad6056

    brad6056 Well-Known Member

    Your explanation of how you perceive the AGFC rules makes no difference to Federal or State Wardens. Good luck.
  12. wood duck whacker

    wood duck whacker Well-Known Member

    They said they are not going to right tickets so I don't really care wheather they agree or not
  13. RussHogFan

    RussHogFan Well-Known Member

    I've tired to "apply" for one on agfc.org 3 times.
    One time it told me there were not permits that I could apply for.
    Another time it told me, "There are currently no hunts available for this permit type."
    I've tried it 3 times and gave me goofy errors after I was sure it was filled out correctly. 3 strikes and your out agfc.
  14. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    Printed mine this morning without any problems.
  15. BandedWoodrow

    BandedWoodrow Well-Known Member

    Just did mine no problems. Used me Drivers License # and printed that joker. It has all 16 listed on there.
  16. Arkcoondog

    Arkcoondog Well-Known Member

    You have to have it for all types of hunting we rabbit hunt on some of the wma and u have to have it for rabbit hunting ... And the said they aren't going to write tickets but a fellow rabbit hunt got a ticket over at Pocahontas the other day for not having one and it was 375.00 fine hope the info helps
  17. wood duck whacker

    wood duck whacker Well-Known Member

    My neighbor is a streams biologist for agfc but im sure he knows. He been out of town lately. Think becuase there is no streams to speak of around here right now. If I find out some solid info I will post. Don't see me being in danger of needing one this year though.
  18. madduck87

    madduck87 Well-Known Member

    We got checked twice in one weekednd at a WMA on that list, two diferent game wardens, neither asked for them.
  19. possum

    possum Well-Known Member

    Being this is a free permit and seeing as how this is the waterfowl forum so I assume duck hunters print the blasted thing then fold it up and stick it in your blind bag....if you need it you have it.