swamp water back down

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  1. the water has went down far enough to put some corn out in the nice swamp area I found. I hope to make it out there today and put out some corn, camera, and climber. I hope to hunt it a little this afternoon as well. I hope to get some nice pics to show off. Hopefully I can post one this afternoon of a deer in the back of the RZR. Has anyone had any luck hunting an area the day the put out corn? I usually wait a few days. But I hope to today might pan out.
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    My only recommendation would be to spread the corn out on the ground and not pile it up, that way they won't see it till they walk up on it. Once they walk up on it they will graze it and give you a good shot opportunity. A mature deer will see the "brand new" big pile and potentially spook.

  3. thanks for the advice. I never would have thought of that.
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    Also takes em longer to eat, corn in a pile on wet soil can also be a problem. Corn on the bottom stays wet for a while while the corn on top gets eaten. Bottom corn will sour
  5. well by the time I got done with everything around the house. It was way to late to hunt. I did go out there and set up the camera, put out some corn and find an awsome tree for my climber. I got all the limbs trimmed up and was still cutting one when a group of does walked in and started eating corn. Of course the bow was rested up against the tree but it was nice to just sit there and watch them. It was nice seeing deer during the day. I sat up there for 45 minutes watching them and seen 24 deer total. I am PUMPED about the new spot. Of course those four doe that walked up were the only ones within range. But hey I don't care. It makes me very happy and optimistic about what is to come from the new spot. I did spread the corn out and they seemed to really enjoy it, lol. I don't think I will be able to go out there until Thursday but I am pumped about going. :biggrin:
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    That sounds awesome. I have never hung a camera in the sloughs but you got me thinking. Let it soak for a couple of days and post us a pic or two, I look forward to seeing what shows up. Good luck with your hunt.
  7. thanks mdl, I appeciate it. I have never hung one out there either. But since the season has been so bad I thought I better try something new. So I moved into that area. I suppose anything that might help at this point is welcome.
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    Good luck man! time to bust one :up:
  9. I hate the wait. I dont have time to go hunting today. I will be going tomorrow. But I want to go check the camera SO BAD. But I know I can't :banghead: That is the worst part about game camera's. Its like christmas everytime you move them to a new spot.
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    Man it sounds like you are on the HOT spot now!! Good luck tomorrow!! I can't wait to see some trophy pics!!!!
  11. Well our chickens are sold so I have a time to go tomorrow. OH YEAH. I am going to have to wait untill 1230 due to the fact that one of my neighbors is getting his chickens and I am helping him dump them. :banghead: But I will be coming right home, showering, and heading out. I plan on staying out there untill there is no shooting light. Not sure how much luck I will have getting out there that late but who cares. I will be hunting therefor I will be happy :biggrin: I just hope that there is going to be a legal deer walk by. I would LOVE a big buck BUT I honestly do NOT care at this point. If its brown its down tomorrow. That is if it gives me a chance to let one fly. Hopefully I will be posting some pics tomorrow. Either of the kill or the monster off of my game cam. I just want to see some deer tomorrow even if they are out of range.
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    Good luck CarbonElement. Hope it goes well. I'm ready to see a dead deer with you holding its horns or head up.
  13. thanks whitetail, I am too. If not today then maybe saturday. I will be going from sun up to sun down. I'm pretty lucky to have a wife that supports me during hunting season. :biggrin:
  14. well I got there around 130 this afternoon and sat there wondering when I was going to get blown out of the tree. The winds were BAD today. I finally called it a day at 4 because the winds were so bad. I walked about 300 yards to the RZR and got about half way home. The winds stopped. I was sick. Then I got home and checked the game camera pics. They have a schedule of 630am to 715am and 515pm to around 8pm. Then it is random till 230am. But when they come in they are 20+ strong. It was only up for a day and a half but I did not see any bucks when I went thru the pics. Oh well, if its brown and down. :biggrin: