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Sure has been goodn'

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Still have 2 more months of bowhunting but looking forward now (God willin') to the spring turkey season and some good ol' Arkansas fishin'; I hunt several states for turkeys and always look forward to the NWTF big event in Nashville Tn. in Feburary; 2011 seemed like a fast whirlwind and turning 51 this past Nov. the years aint slowin' down a bit; but I'm mighty thankful to make it this far and plan to enjoy everday that the Good Lord is willin' to hand out;

Ya'll have a great 2012 and hope that we all are here this time next year; God Bless...................rem..............:up:
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I heard that, I have had a pretty good deer season so far, and look to do some more, and ready to do a little turkey hunting, but ready to catch those Mississippi crappie.
Feeling blessed beyond measure! Best to everyone for the new year.
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