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  1. possum

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    Who's tried this in a food-plot try application, not deer in particular, but for Turkey, Dove and Quail (I've seen a few on our place)? I guess once it's grown it could provide some cover for deer.

    Just curiosity talking here....:biggrin:
  2. turkey pond bucks

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    plant with some varity of beans that climb or vine out and they work great for cover never done this but I know folks that do. :up:

  3. possum

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    Got some open ground to experiment with to go along with my normal plots and was looking for some ideas. :up:
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    I ve planted them for doves over the years, about 5 acres worth at a time. Seeds went up a considerable amount in that time as well. 2 years ago I bought some bird seed on sale at tsc and planted it on a trial basis. It worked except the sunflowers was the tall variety instead of the short like I use to plant. I planted the bird seed for food plot instead of doves, didn t get to plant it back last year and had a pretty good 2nd crop.
  5. y hunt

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    Black oil sunflower, sorghum, and cow peas make a great spring planting. It will draw all of your favorite game. All can be bought at your local co-op at reasonable price.
  6. possum

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    Sorghum is another thing I've never messed with, but most if not all my seed is is bought at the co-op. I would rather actually buy seed rather than pay for the pictures of the big bucks on a package. :up:

    Should have included in the original post but Black Oil Sunflowers is what I'm talking about. :smack:
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    Smart man!!!:up:
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    I have planted them a time or two - had decent luck with them one time, but in the wet years they did not do anything. Blackland gumbo. Will do better on sandy, well drained. I dont have a drill, so had to broadcast and could not cultivate to keep the field clean, Even the one good year I had, the doves were not interested. I would really like to find something the doves liked. Thinking about a mix of milo, dove proso, a few sunflowers - anything else? Have not had good luck on doves with millet either - but the turkeys eat it up.