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    i thought i'd try to make my own summer sausage so...i buy a kit that has everything from the seasonings to the casings. the meat itself taste good my problem is the casings are sticking to the meat, when i slice it the meat next to the casing just clings to and then make the rest of the sliced piece fall apart

    anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?

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    Cannot say I ever had this problem. Made 100's upon 100's of lbs of all differant kinds of sausage. Did you use the mahogeny casings normally used for summer sausage & if so, did you soak them real good before stuffing them? You didn't happen to used the collagine casings they are designed for the fresh type sausages that adhere to the meat. Also, did you let the sausage sit for 24 hours or so after stuffing for the cure to start working before smoking them? Besides those issues the only other thing I can think of is either they were cooked at to high a temp or cooked to long. Most of the time when you mix the pork with the deer meat, there is enough fat cooked into the mahogeny casing & shrinkage of the meat that sticking is not an issue!

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    i used beef (recipe on boxsaid use). yes, they are the mahoganey casings. i don't have a smoker (yet) i cooked them in oven per the directions i may have cooked them too long however and i soaked the casings but not long

    I ain't giv'n up though, they had a good flavor

    RAZOR_DEER Well-Known Member

    Keep after it, experimenting is half the fun. My brother makes some mean Summer Sausage and I give him most of the recipe's. Dang they are good.
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    Aww them casings prolly won't hurt ya. Might even be a good source of fiber!
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    Razor_Deer is correct, just keep after it. Here is a few tips that might help it go better next time, soak casings in warm water for a least 30 minutes before stuffing(I do for an hour to open pores better), stuff casings as tight as you can get them without blowing them out, let stuffed casings stay in fridge 24 hours to set cure, remove & let get room temp before cooking,

    Now here is the most important thing, when cooking try to set temp to around 170 degree's but don't worry about a certain time amount it needs to cook, only worry about meat temp & cook until inner temp of sausage reachs 155 to 160 degree's, no longer or it will over-cook.(meat themometer stuck into center of meat to get inner temp), when desired inner temp is reached remove from heat & have a cold water bath ready (Ice water in sink or ice chest if doing alot works good), drop sausage into bath to stop cooking process(lower inner temp to under 120 degree's). Remove from bath, remove excess water by rolling on towel & hang sausage and let stay until casing becomes dry.

    Each has his/her own preferance, straight beef should be fine as long as it has a good fat content, but if it is lean beef or venison I allway use pork butts to get the desired fat content. In my recipe I used a 60/40 blend that seems to give the best results, but I have made it for others who wanted less pork & a 80/20 mix does OK. If you are looking for a good intro smoker without spending a mint, check out the Masterbuilt products.

    Good Luck & Good Eating!:up:
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    thanks guys this was a deer/beef combo, when i get over this crud i'm gonna make some more

    DUCKSNBUCKS Well-Known Member

    I roll mine up on the counter i n the shape im looking for then i wrap it in foil and twist the ends tite as possible works great also try looking at easy oven baked vension summer sasuage on the net its good stuff and very easy some of the best ive tried you can cook it in the oven or on the grill or smoke it
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    Here is how I do mine. 20% pork sausage (any cheap brand will do) 80% deer meat. Throw in some chopped hot peppers of your choice and cheese, mix the mix per instructions. Mix it all up and stuff in casings. Sit in fridge overnight then throw on smoker or in oven. Once internal temp reaches 160-170 pull it off and your done. I think the pork keeps it from sticking cause I have never had a problem with sticking. Sounds like yours ight have been a little dry if it fell apart.