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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by bhays, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. bhays

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    I went up with my B-I-L and F-I-L to the cabin Saturday afternoon and stuck a doe. I got in the ground blind about 3:00 and shot it at 4:00. It was a 23 yard shot quartering away and she dropped within 10 yards of where I shot her. Sorry bowhunting team, I didn't have a camera up there and it was too dark to show up on cell-phone pic, and with it being so warm we had to gut it and cool it down up there. Maybe I'll stick another one soon, I've still got another tag for my zone, so I'll try!:biggrin:
  2. J. Adams

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    Awesome Congrats!!
    The does been wearin me out lately...dang late season deer are a challenge!!!

  3. bottmhtr

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    Congrats on the doe. I havent been much lately, but I need to stick a couple more for freezer meat. My problem is the duck hunting has been so good I am too tired or don't have time to deer hunt. I am going deer hunting this friday.
  4. bhays

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    Yeah, I hadn't even planned on deer hunting Saturday. I limited out on ducks Friday morning pretty quick and got 3 buddies to head out with me Saturday a.m. Got set up in same spot and guess what -- hardly any ducks, only killed 2 ringnecks between the 4 of us.:smack: I guess everything that was frozen had thawed out and the ducks were back in the fields and woods instead of the lake... Oh well, we changed gears and went bowhunting at my brother-in-laws cabin and it worked out pretty well I guess. Definitely more meat for the freezer than a few ducks anyway!!!:thumb: :wink: If it stays warm like it is now, I guess I'll be doing more bowhunting and less duck hunting the next few weeks. Just hoping the weather turns cold again for the last split.