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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by bigbrown, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. bigbrown

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    I shot a deer 40 yards away at 11am. couldnt find arrow, blood, or deer. i had to leave a 1 pm to go outa town. Going back in the morning. My question is have you ever shot a deer and not find a blood trail. I havent. i always have one. the doe blew when he ran. i believe it was a good hit. a loud thump.:confused:
  2. megabucks

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    shoulder hit maybe?

  3. Ruger

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    Had one that I shot at 40 yards and couldn't find a blood trail to save my life. I thought it was a clean shot. The buck bounced off, ran into a tree, gotup, jumped a creek and was gone. Couldn't find my arrow either at that time, anyway. It was evening and right at dark. Came back the next morning and re-traced everything. Found brown and white hair where he was standing and checked my angle...found my arrow laying just under the leaves.

    Arrow was white with blood. With fat and shaved white hair I must have grazed his chest. It happens...
  4. woodsnwater

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    Twice this year. I shot one 1st of bow season. No blood. No arrow. I new where he ran and followed disturbed leaves and he was piled up on other side of log. 2nd one I heard a thumped. Same scenario, but this time found little blood, searched 2 days. No deer. Also, a few years back a doe on Wattensaw. Hope you find your trophy.:up:
  5. Wapiti

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    How did the deer react ? Did it do a mule kick or???? If they are hit a little far back they usually hunker up. Wish ya luck on finding it.
  6. I hit one in the shoulder last year. He ran 200 yards without a single drop of blood. It took us FOREVER to find him. And when we did find him it was after we had given up the hunt and we were heading back to the wheelers.
  7. antler3

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    Sometimes takes them awhile to start to bleed. Arrow may still be in him. Start circling from last you saw him.
  8. Nuge Fan

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    You have to think about it in terms of the hit. If you have one or two holes high on the body, then there entire chest cavity has to fill up with blood before the blood begins to spill out. If you didn't find your arrow and it was a 40 yarder, I would bet no pass through so probably only one hole.

    Another scenario is you hit too high or too low and only got fat, tendon, muscle, etc.

    There are hundreds of things that could've happened, that's why I shoot lighted nocks so i can see where I hit the deer.
  9. bigworm

    bigworm Well-Known Member

    did ya ever find the deer?
  10. Alpha

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    Look up in trees. That loud thump may have been your arrow striking a sapling,or a log.
  11. stealthycat

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    that's a long shot ..... no telling where you hit to be honest

    yes, my big KS buck I got zero bloodtrail because of the shot I took .... if it was a high angled into the deer type hit, and not passthrough you'll not have blood to ammount to anything often
  12. bigbrown

    bigbrown Well-Known Member

    i shot it on a dozer trail and not trees. i couldnt find anything searched all sunday. makes me sick. i was walking when i shot it. im really hoping i missed and arrow dug deep. but the ground was really hard. better luck next time.
  13. droptine150

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    deer dog

    i shot a deer in the gut once with an arrow and just happened up on it later on. no blood no trail i just saw which direction the deer headed and had a good dog... which ive learned from that mess and try not to shoot bad angles anymore... good luck and see if someone you know or on here has a deer dog poss?