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Ive been debating on selling my Cindy gyp for several months and decided as bad as i hate to its my best option at this time. Shes not being hunted much and ive got several pups off of her that need alot of time in the woods. She is about as finished as a dog can get. She is a BMC, 6yrs old and registered with the FBMCBO. She has been spayed because one of the pups off her last litter got stuck while she was having them and the vet said that was the only option to get the pup out. She is 100% hog crazy! Id say she is short to medium range. Hunts from 100 to 600 yard loops but she will range on out from time to time so a tracking system is a must. She hunts very fast and covers twice ground most dogs do. Once she hits a track or catches wind she will stay on it till the end. She can be hunted in a pack or alone dont matter when she hits the ground finding hogs is the only thing on her mind. Ive walk hunted her and hunted her off 4 wheelers mostly. She will bay all day but will get rough with rough dogs and she is gonna catch when a bulldog catches. Shes silent on a track. Im asking $1200 for her. You can call or text me at 870-904-3104 after 6pm. I can send pics by text.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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