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Discussion in 'Campfire' started by thethrill, Feb 5, 2008.

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    I live in Russellville, and went to Atkins with a friend and drove around. Seen TONS of damage. As I know there are three killed and over 80 injured.

    My Inlaws live in Gassville, a really nice trailer park on Cotter Road in Gassville was totally demolished. Texaco, Citgo, Letty's Mexican Restraunt, O'mart, Freeze King, were all demolished, Part of the Mcdonalds was torn off. Much more damage, 1 confirmed dead, Several injured. My mother in law is an RN and they got her and set up a triage at Cotter High School. There are bus loads of people there. Ton of houses gone!!

    All those Poor People, without homes, jobs, and some without loved ones.
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    I tracked that storm on the radar from start to finish. At one point that thing was huge. I even had to sound the tornado alarm myself.

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    Did the tornado go through the downtown area also in Atkins? How about Fergusons and East Atkins?
  4. Mom and Dad were going to meet me in Conway to eat for my birthday today. They couldn't get up I-40 because of all the wrecks and all the damage. Dad was listening to all the stuff on his Sheriff's Radio and decided it wasn't even worth trying.

    Last I heard from him there was 4 fatalities (I think) and a tornado had touched down somewhere in the area.

    I also heard on the radio that Highland was pretty trashed. A tornado took out the fire department and damaged the high school pretty bad. I hope everyone out there is okay.
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    Sounds terrible, thoughts and prayers for all in the path.
  6. Prayers are sent for all involved.....and those who are sifting through the aftermath.