Store owner - 3, Robbers - 0

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by Mr. Chitlin, Dec 17, 2010.

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  2. Did you notice the reaction from all the people interviewed?? Not one said anything about Lil Banger was trying to get his life back together or whats Lil Banger's girlfriend going to do now that she has 3 kids to raise on her own or Lil Banger was just misunderstood.. These are my kind of folks no matter the color of their skin or the accent in their speech..:up:

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  4. I saw this on the news yesterday evening. Hip hip hoo-ray for the good guys!! So often, in many cases it's the other way around. Fortunatly this time, the bad guys lost! Never to inflict pain or fear in others again!
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    I love it, kill em' all and let God sort em' out. They need to figure the cost of the manhunt, the trial, and the years of imprisonment and give him half of it as a reward!
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    This country would be a much better place if more people would just opt to defend themselves instead of relying on police all the time.
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    Not a lot of love going out to the perps. It's about time.
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    They missed one description of the getaway driver: Pooped his pants. :biggrin:
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    We had another fellow poop his pants here earlier in this week. A Northbound train was moving fast through town when a semi tanker modified to haul grain eased through the red lights. The truck really looked like a fuel tanker to me too. The train clipped the ass end of the truck, and he may not of known it. The engineer had a good long view of the impending wreck; All the while thinking it was a gas tanker!

  11. Did you notice mary Sanchez's response? She was laughing, I love it! :up: Just wish he would've gotten the 4th one :banghead:
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    :clap: :flag: :clap: :flag:

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    That bunch of homeys, homeys will come back and kill him for that.
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    If I owned the store I would have done the same thing.

    I figure the hoods had it coming when they chose to rob the guy and because they might have killed him or his wife. Can't let that happen, which is the main reason for keeping guns for self defense. Cops aren't likely to be there when it goes have to fend for yourself.

    However, 3 people were shot & killed, which most people would think is a tragedy. Some of the people on this site look at that as a thing to celebrate and joke about. I'll bet the guy who shot & killed them doesn't feel that way.

    One more many of you who are high fiveing over these killings are the same ones who wave the Christian flag on this thread everytime the subject comes up, condemning people for going against what Christ taught you to do???

    It's nice to be able to pick & choose like that.
  15. Mr. Chitlin

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    I guess each person has their own take on things. You just said you'd do the same thing, I would too. No, I would hate to take a life or 3, but if it's me or them I'll do my best to be the one standing when the smoke clears. This will haunt this guy for the rest of his life.

    At least a person that was making a contribution to society is the one that came out on top instead of 3 hood rats that have (or had in this case) absolutely no respect for human life.

    You can't depend on the police being there to protect you, they show up to draw chalk lines and make reports.

    I'll be the first to admit that I am not a Bible scholar, but I'll also bet that somewhere in there there would be mention of protecting yourself from the likes of these guys.

    Yep, it's nice the see the good guys win one every once in a while. You will continue to see me praise the good guys, high fives and all. :clap:
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    Right on. :up:
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    Exactly. I don't feel my life is worth any less than a thug. But you can be sure that I will fight to be alive.

    Protecting yourself goes beyond rights and laws. It is a natural instinct and some people (And juries) need to remember that.
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    I started carrying after an incident 10 years ago hiking the Athens Big Fork Trail in the Ouachita Mtns north of Umpire with my wife...bumped into some Marijuana growers way back in the woods.

    I wouldn't shoot someone over property, but if I had to take a life to save myself or a loved one, I wouldn't hesitate to do it. I am 100% sure I wouldn't celebrate it, brag about it, or think it made me a better man. It would take a rotten SOB to enjoy something like that.
  19. Mr. Chitlin

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    I don't think any decent human being would ever celebrate the taking of another human life. It would be worse than your worst nightmare. I know people that have had to take another's life. They don't talk about it and it is probably something they wish they could wipe from their mind forever.
  20. WillyB71

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    I agree.