Stolen Boots at Rainey Brake

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by bbauer, Jan 9, 2011.

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    Just by chance you are the one that stole my sons Muck boots Saturday morning, if I were to have caught you...... I'm afraid we both would have regretted it. Granted, he shouldn't have left them in the back , but this was his first timber hunt and has been taught that generally hunters are pretty decent people. Obviously from all the stolen feeders, cameras and tree stands... that is not the case in more. You got by with it this time, but
    eventually someone will catch you and beat the crap out of you or worse!
    You will get what's coming to you!!!
  2. Someone took my spare tire the other day when i was there. Though they did leave $40 in the bed of my truck for it. So i guess they tried to do right. I just wish $40 would have replaced the rim, tire and bracket.

  3. Lol. That's awesome and terrible all at the same time! :fit:
  4. The funny thing is i probably still wouldn't know it was gone if they hadn't left the money.
  5. jwalker

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    I'll give anybody whatever I got within reason if they'll just ask for it. I'd hate to catch someone stealing something of mine or my kids I'd make them want me to call the law !
  6. possum

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    The bracket? :head:

    I probably would react worse to catching somebody stealing something of my kids.
  7. zpenter

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    what is the world coming to :shrug: sorry to hear about all the things but at least the person left 40$ hell it cost me 100$ dollars the other day when i left the black rock cop gave me a ticket for rolling thought the stop sine at the bridge it was a little picky but o well :cool:
  8. dirtdart

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    I had to do a city gov't check on Black Rock just to find out if they had a police dep't.

    I don't believe I know a Chris Parnell. Must be a one man department.

    You don't want to leave anything out at Rainey Brake.:mad: You'll get it taken. I'm not saying it's true...but a guy once told me that if you had something taken there, just go by a certain business in Lynn, let the guys know what you had stolen and you could buy one just exactly like it in a few hours. :cool: may look exactly like the one you had...but trust them...they had that one for years. You had a tire stolen...If I'm not mistaken, seems like the guy told me that was the business these guys were in. The tire business. I think that's what he said. :whistle: I've been wrong before.:shrug:
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    Criminals-The scum of the earth.
  10. factory909

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    where were you parked at?
  11. I think im related to Timber Hunter lol and hunt with him
  12. keeb

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    Probably the bracket that connects spare to trailer tongue.

    I guess I just picked a good day to accidentally leave my window rolled down a couple weeks ago. My digital camera was sitting in the front seat. At least the doors were locked. :smack:
  13. factory909

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    i had to take a double check this morning to make sure my spares for the truck and boat trailor were still there.
  14. bottmhtr

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    Breaking into trucks at reyno and at shaffers eddy. Not sure but may have knocked windows out of some of them. Sucks.
  15. cbhorns

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    My little brother was the one who had his boots stolen, we were parked at the horseshoe ramp...
  16. That's :censored: BS !! sounds like people need to steer clear of Rainey stuff happens there all the time . People tried to start that at hurricane and it got put to a stop to fast .
  17. timv

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    Its sad but if you want to keep it youd better not leave it out, Ive come out early before at WMAs and seen folks crusin around the parking lots, probably up to no good.
  18. factory909

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    wow...we were parked there yesterday, left our stuff wide open... :smack:
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  19. MollyWhop

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    I've noticed creepers around some of the boat ramps I frequent when coming out early. They generally don't have a whole lot of teeth in there head, probably the same caliber of folks that seem to steal a lot of game cameras. :down: