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  1. quackpipe08

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    does anyone know anything good or bad about the stoeger condor over and under? Im thinkin about gettin one and I want to hear some info on them if yall have any??
  2. coonnutz

    coonnutz Well-Known Member

    I know you said Stoeger, but all I have experience with is a Yildiz O/U I'll tell you right now I absolutely love that gun, it's super light and handles exceptionally well, and doesn't really kick that bad either:up:

  3. Lab

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    Yes I sure do. I had one of these and had some real problems with the action. The gun had some internal parts break. I took it to the smith I use and he could not find replacement parts and the cost of him to make the parts was HIGH. Prior to the gun laing down on me during a COLD duck hunt it shot great.
  4. Parts will surely be a problem. The only one I shot belonged to a friend, and it had a really hard trigger pull.
  5. BIG DOG

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    you'll be happier w/ a bakail (have owned) or yildiz (own currently) all the features except looks (yildiz looks good imho) of the big boys no where near the cost however it has way more features than the stoger. I do how ever own a stoger semi and you can't bet it for the $$$