Stoeger 3500 pattern test

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by Doug Hodges, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. All shots were taken at 40 yds. What do you think?

    First photo is blindside 3 1/2" #2's with modified choke.

    Second photo is same load with turkey choke

    Third photo is Winchester Supreme 3 1/2" 6 shot With turkey choke
  2. 10pointman

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    The second pic looks like the best,but the third would do the job also. lookin good!:up:

  3. n2deer

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    That's a dead turkey in all 3 pics. Now just get him in range :up:
  4. Why aren't you supposed to shoot steel through the xfull turkey choke. That's the second picture. Why wouldn't I duck hunt With the turkey choke?
  5. I forgot to mention. The blind sides are steel shot.
  6. Mr. Chitlin

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    Steel doesn't compress as it's going through the choke restriction like lead does and can damage the choke and possibly the gun.
  7. silentassassin

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    ^^^^^this and it tends to cause the shot to essentially bounce off of itself and scatter, elongate your shot string and make your patterns less dense and more eradic. If that pattern of the 2s with the mod is at 40 then that's a good pattern. That would stone cold any duck or goose you shot at.
  8. I read that wrong. That's right.
  9. silentassassin

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    If it's patterning that good then I would shoot it. Every guns gonna like something different. That's not common of most guns I've run across to pattern like that with 2s. You just have to go into it knowing that you may mess up the choke or barrel. I don't think the odds are real high and I peronally wouldn't be worried about it being dangerous. But their is a possibility of messing up the choke or barrel. Just a decision you're gonna have to take. How did that load shoot with a full? That's actually a little tighter than I want to shoot anyway. Be great for fields but way too tight for timber because you'll ruin too many ducks and probably not hit as many as you should because you're gonna be shooting a softball at 15-20.
  10. I didn't shoot it with a full. I will bring all the chokes next time.
  11. silentassassin

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    Yea try the full and see how it likes it but I would definitely shoot it in the field and wax them with it! But I don't ever hunt fields so I would want something more open. Try you improved at 30 and see what that looks like. Then swap for the situation.
  12. Yea. I've got a field for next year. And when I hunt here, it's open creeks and lake hunting. Lots of longer shots.
  13. BDW

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    That's a great pattern with the 2's, but I wouldn't shoot steel for turkeys becsuse of the lack of knock down compared to lead or Hevi Shot...Try you some #2 Hevi Shot, and that may easily be a 60-65 yard gun.
  14. I'm not wanting steel for 2's. I have a goose hunt coming up and I'm looking for a choke selection. I'm going to try some 4's for turkey.

    Hogs won on the road!!!
  15. BDW

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    I wouldn't count out 2's just yet for turkeys if it'll pattern them right...Talk about some serious knock down with #2 Hevi Shot...:eek:
  16. I need a bunch of shells. Lol
  17. BDW

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  18. Lol

    Hogs won on the road!!!
  19. marshmallow

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    If it's patterning that good with 2s I'd try Winchester Supreme High Velocity 3.5 #4 for turkeys. They work best for a lead load in my gun.
  20. I actually have a box of those.