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    than there are of them.
    Heading out for the first time this year to do a little duckin, things went as expected. First the trailer lights weren't working:censored:. Finally the ball grounded with the trailer and POOF, trailer lights:biggrin:. Next as we're getting close and I'm going through my mental checklist, it dawns on me I only have one life jacket:smack:. So we take an extra 20 minutes to run to the camp and look for 2 more:whistle:. Finally made it to the ramp, had to push the boat off the trailer and had a heckuva time getting it started. Finally on our way, we take the cut and hit some shallow water and I trimmed her up but no go. Spin like crazy but but just crawls. Check bottom:head:...deep enough:shrug:... spun hub:banghead:. So we're basically dragin the boat through this cut with other boats having to crawl by us. Ain't noboby stopped to ask or offer any help. We're resigned to having to pull the boat over and hunt right there. Finally another boat is coming through and I holler, "Hey I'll give you 200.00 for a prop as long as it fits a Suzuki!" These ole boys holler back, "We ain't got a prop, but you guys are welcome to hunt with us." I through them a rope and the pulled us maybe 1/2 a mile, we walked out a ways and spent a great morning with new friends. Killed a few ducks too. After we were done, these guys pulled us all the back to the ramp...... they had put in at a different ramp.
    So there it is... 2 great human beings who took the time to help someone in need. When they dropped us at the ramp, I told them I couldn't thank them enough and most likely might never see them again, but one thing for certain, "I will pay it forward:up:" Scotty Scott and Ricky Bobby, be careful in those log woods and on the golf course.THANKS
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    That's a great post and what I come to see more and more!!!

    I had a real time Saturday!!! We decided to hunt a local lake with the front coming in and hoped we zap 'em in the coves. WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!!

    We set up and it looks great. I park the boat and hike through the woods to the cove we're hunting. All good still. We hunt til hours end and not a duck.... that should've been a hint!!!

    I head to get the boat and splash.. fall face first!!! Not too bad. Dip my waders but hey I'm headed home anyway.
    Get in the boat and it won't crank. Not getting gas.... the plunger in the fuel line won't let fuel through. So I beat bang and cuss a good bit and then realize with the new winds I'm about a hundred and fifty yards from the bank now and have to paddle and push pole to get to the cove where my buds are standing and staring like I have lost my mind!

    After an entertaining paddle/push I finally get to the cove. We load all the gear and I get the plunger free and we're off!!!

    Get to the landing and dude goes to get my truck. Won't start, won't even crank! Says "Ya battery is dead!" Well it's not 'cause I had just put a brand new one on it the day before. I go to check it out and the starter is seized up! Looks like I got water in the casing when I back the boat in the past two days and it locked up. Terminal ends are so hot by this time it's melting the sheathing off!

    Luckily, one of the guys had drvien over to meet us so we hook the trailer up and head home. I left the truck until yesterday afternoon and we went and towed it back!!! No idea when I'll get time to fix it, but I only drive it duck hunting and the way it looks I'm done with that 'til after Christmas anyway. Got a new fuel line for both boats and rigging up two spares to leave in the boxes.

    But thanks to two good friends all went well and the season rolls on!!!!