Still got one reason to go on Christmas gun hunt...

Discussion in 'Trail Cams and Photography' started by bhays, Dec 23, 2010.

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    Well, guess I've still got one good reason to go on Christmas hunt. Finally had a shooter buck return to camera. I have not had a pic of this particular buck since 10-18 and he showed back up on 12-18, a full 2 months later! Don't know where he has been holed up but I was glad to see at least one buck made it. I had a lot of shooter pics early season and when bucks split up I lost most of them. Talked to all of our neighbors and nobody really killed any bigger bucks this season. I had 5 bucks that were mature (3.5+) deer. I am sure some are still around, maybe just now they are starting to stir with the pressure letting up somewhat? Here is a buck I call Sidekick, not a monster by any means, but a good buck for our area. He ran with another bigger 8 pt. the past couple of seasons. He was the 3rd biggest buck I had pics of early in season. I would still like to get a crack at him now, gun or bow, since I've got one buck tag left to use still!:biggrin:


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    That would make a good Christmas present for yourself. Good luck!

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    Yes, the spike in the background has already lost one side. I also have a pic of another small buck that has lost a side already. Guess everybody better be careful the doe they are shooting bowhunting now really is a doe!:smack:
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    Thanks. I'm not too worried, I really just want to get out and hunt another day this year anyway. Been so busy with work stuff since the end of gun hunt vacation that I've about forgot how to hunt! I would rather one of my 2 bigger bucks show back up and take one of them instead. If I don't get a crack at this one, he will be something to look forward to next season hopefully! Ideally, he could grow another year and put some mass on at 4.5 year old and score much better, but with a management area next to us and surrounding neighbors who don't manage, it is hard for me to with only 150 acres... Luckily, a 400 acre pine thicket that gets little pressure does allow most of the smarter, more mature bucks to make it through the season.
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    I hope you have better luck that we did on the muzzleloading weekend last Saturday. Only seen a few does our moving around.