Still feelin' frisky...

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  1. That's gotta hurt

    If I was her I'd think about weaning....


    Big Foot bite?


  2. Do we eat that stuff?

  3. nince pics thanks for sharing
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    I just pulled some cards and would swear they were in the middle of the rut. Lots of sparring and what not.
  6. Mr. Chitlin

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    Busy place ya got there doc!! :thumb:
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    Looks like everyone's jockeying for position over that 2ton pile of rice bran! :confused: :thumb:
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    Looks like there is enough there for everyone to share. How long does a pile of feed like that last you?
  9. LOL, that's two bags, about $13

    Till recently, 8-12 days. That was put out the 9th and was completely gone yesterday when I checked the camera. Hadn't been gone long though. If the pigs find it it won't last very long at all. Thankfully they don't seem to like it as much as the deer.
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    crap them hogs love rice bran,heck they love anything,if they find it ,it be gone in a matter of hrs.
  11. Good pics! I love the caption over the turkeys haha