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    Well my plans were to stay at home today but my son and a couple of friends wanted to deer hunt, so we went to deer camp this morning. I didn't want to deer hunt so I sent the kids off on my ranger, I would take the truck and eased around to a few easy to get to spots. It was 10 degrees at daylight so I sat by the heater until around eight before striking out. I made 3 stands this morning hoping to call in a bobcat with no luck. I got back at it around 3:30 making only 2 stands. First long set was dry still hoping for a cat. Last stand was in an 80 acre pasture surrounded by woods that I had actually called late last week with no takers. I did hear a lone yote at dark that day across the pasture when I was leaving thus setting the stage for today. I had that perfect SE wind today and I entered in on the other side of the pasture around 4:20 setting up to call to the south. I started with baybee cottontail for 15 minutes, got no response and switched to grey squirrel distress. 5 minutes into this I notice 2 images across the field that looked out of place. After confirming it was yotes, I started my plan of attack. Another 3-4 minutes go by and they just don't seem to be going to commit. The red dog turns and goes back into the trees and the female is set to follow. Thinking I might still have a chance, I switch to a brief 4-5 seconds of pup distress 3, that did the trick.:up: She wheeled and started to me. The red dog came back out with another dog in tow. Trying to hurry up here, after a couple more short pd3/squirrel combo's, the other 2 would not come of the woodline but this female finally commited and came to within 75 yards and was down for the count.


    This was a really old female. She was very white faced, missing her upper right canine, and front teeth really worn.

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    NE Ark

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    Allstar -

    Nice job changing tactics, etc. to get her to commit. A yote that old is not easy to take.

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    Great job on a smart old yote!
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    Nice one there. That dog has been around for a while. Kudos on that one.:thumb:
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    Congrats on the yote. :clap::clap:
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    Allstar that sounds like it would be a blast! I have never done any form of predator hunting but I'm wanting to try it out after reading your stories :up:
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    Man you should just start your own t.v show an guied service. Congrats.