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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by 4wayhunter, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. 4wayhunter

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    went today and was just getting settled when a doe comes busting out with a spike hot on her heels, still not even ready and a nice 8pt steps out makes two bounds and he is gone. this was at 3:00. i had a doe and fawn come in about 3:30 and then 2 more small bucks, at 5 had the spike that was chasing the doe come back out. i guess he lost out on the doe. going back in the morning.
  2. pruitt76

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    I saw a small 8pt pushing a group of does around yesterday morning in the Taylor area.

  3. 4wayhunter

    4wayhunter Well-Known Member

    i figure to see more chasing the next couple of days. we have a lot of does i dont think got bred the first time. the doe that was with the fawn was acting nervous the whole time.
  4. AR_deerslayer

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    my friends bro in law shot a big 8pt this morn at wattensaw said he came in and was grunting following a doe trail . .
  5. :banghead: still not seeing anything but got a lot of night time pictures. :banghead:
  6. Cory

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    I'm getting pic's of a buck thats shed his antlers:head:
  7. Dark Timber Stalker

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    My stand was the hottest it's been since the first weekend! About 9:00 AM Sunday I heard a ruckus behind me and 1 doe came running by and circled back and another doe circled back into a thicket. I could see a buck through the thick vegetation with his nose down and chasing grunting all the way. Barely seen him looked like a decent buck with maybe 16"-18" spread. Just seen the main beams as he trotted by. I hit the can call a few times and I seen a deer come out of the woods where the other deer had run in. When it went into one of the lanes I seen it was a spike. He walked up to the stand and went back into the woods. Hit the can a little more and he had a buddy join him that was another spike. A short while later I look on the other side of the stand in another lane and see a deer come into it. Can see a thick neck so I know it's a buck. Settle the crosshairs on him and as he clears a tree I see he's a 6-point. Passed on him. Lot of action though.