Stealth cam question?

Discussion in 'Trail Cams and Photography' started by mkelly, Dec 15, 2010.

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    I have a Stealth cam, I dont remember the model. It is a IR cam. The question is the last few times I have checked it I get a block or two of days with no pics. Im wondering if it is the cold or what. I get pics ever day of deer and coons so something is causing it to not take pics for a few days. Has anybody had this problem or does anybody know what might cause this? I changed the battries twice.
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    I have 4 of the Stealthcam Rouge IR cams and have experienced the same problem you describe twice. Fresh batteries seem to have fixed it for me though.

    Battery tip: Buying 8 "c" bats for 4 cams at retail price will break the bank. Last year I started buying Energizer Max bats on ebay in bulk. Can't remember exactly, but around 60-70 bats should be approx $40. That's less than half what you will pay at a store. I'll be glad to look up a link if you have trouble finding them.

    The problem I'm having with 1 of mine is, the LED "flash" for night pics isn't working. It does sense motion (or heat change) and it does take the pics. If you walk in front of it after dark, the red LEDs blink. Problem is the pics are pitch black. Makes me think it may be a timing issue. Takes perfect pics during the daytime. Anyone have a tip for that one?

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    I've had problems with mine to not taking pics and always says reformat card. Any ideas what thjs could be.