Steady hail

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  1. It's almost 1am and the line of storms is streaming right over us. It's going to hit Little Rock in a little while. There have been several cells tonight but the one finishing up was the worst.

    I opened the front door for a peak and the wind just tore the screen door handle out of my hand. No chance of holding on.

    Another cell, according.g to estimation using raindar app, will arrive in 20-30min.

    Here they come. Haven't heard hail like that in some time. Dead quiet right now.
  2. Yep, I watched it slip just north of me, and wondered it you were catching it. The next cell is almost onto us here, now. Take care up there.


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    Hey Clawmute, what size hail did ya'll get over there? I was up all night and the largest we got was abit larger then pea sized. The power went out about 12:30 and did'nt come back on till well after 3:00, so I was'nt able to watch the storm coverage.
  4. Saw a few pieces as big as a nickel. Heard some that sounded much bigger when they hit. I wasn't going out in it to see.

    Its 5:36pm now and another cell is on us. Satellite TV just lost signal. Raining hard. River's not up too much so maybe I won't lose another game can due to high water.

    Hearing a little hail now with very heavy rain and lots of lightning going on.
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