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    Made a few stands over the weekend. Seem to have the most success on morning stands. No takers on the evening stands. I have had a Phantom predator call but I shelved it for a homemade set up. I used an inexpensive amp from rad shack, my existing horn speaker from the phantom, a retired printer tray electric motor, a rabbit fur (hobby lobby), a 6 volt battery and a plastic tool box from wally world. I downloaded several sounds off of Varmint Al's website to my ipod. The 16 minute calling sequence is what I used on all my stands. It gave me enough time to set up everything and get back to cover and get settled in before it started. I'll post a pic of it when I get home.

    First stand, it called in a single but it didn't offer a shot until it was downwind and as soon as it winded me, it was gone. I never attempted a shot. My next stand was on a levee where a river and large dredged ditch met. I started the 16 minute calling sequence again and a large male and smaller female (my guess anyway) came in from across the ditch. I had seen them on the other levee and minutes later they had crossed the ditch and were about 200 yards out.

    Between every call in the sequence there is 1 minute of silence. They had come in at the end of the 16 minute sequence where I had inserted 2 minutes of silience clips so there was an awkward silence and restlessness in the dogs. Luckily, I had set my playlist up to start some challenge barks and distressed pup calls after teh silince clips. This agitated them. The male was the most agitated as he paced and panted allthewhile getting further away from me. He didn't want to stick around. The female sat at attention and eventually laid down as if she was entertained.

    The calls played out and it was in the 20 minutes of consecutive silence clips. That is usually my pack it up time. So, I started coaxing them with my tube calls. This sucked because now all the attention moved away from the decoy and call to me. I was about 50 yards to the right of the call and about 30 yards behind it. So, there was a distinct change in sound source as their heads turned to me. The big male is the one I wanted but kept moving so had to re-position without being busted.

    I normally shoot a 25-06 but, that day, I took my 243 that I had just gotten some 58 grain Hornady's for. I had it zero'd at 200 yards, the big male was about 100 and moving away. Shooting downhill, I shot just over his back. The female busted across the field and didn't stop, the male lagged behind and stopped at about 300 yards. I shot again and it appeared that I shot just below his chest into the ground as I saw the mud pop. He jumped straight up and then took off again. Kicked myself for not bringing my 25-06 because I am so much more comfortbale with it. During the afternoon, I got well aquainted with the 243. I'm, normally, a better shot than that and it's quite humbling saying that I missed out loud. Anyway, I was surprised at how well the homemade caller worked.
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    not a dull moment thats what its all about