stained concrete floors?

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by ace777, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. ace777

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    has anyone done this yourself? i'm building a house and going to have stained concrete floors. i've been looking online trying to learn more about it and it doesn't look all that hard to do. any tips or good sources of design ideas and how to?
  2. odocoi

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    All I know is that my insurance guy had them put in his new house and had problems with calcium from the concrete coming up through the floor and leaving a white crust throughout the house. Ended up happening three different times before they fixed the problem. I actually think, in the end, they laid backer board down and put tile down.

  3. dsmtuner1

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    I talked to a builder who said he personally had a similar problem on his house, but it was because he over glazed it trying to make a super shiny finish. He ended up haveing to remove the final glaze and redo it.

    If you were worried about the calcium issue wonder if you could wait tilllike a year after the house has been built then do the staining so you know its fully cured?
  4. dunnhead

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    My biggest concern would be cracking. A slab is going to crack at some point... just a matter of time. My wife and I stopped at an open house just to look around about 3 years ago. It was a very nice house, more than we could afford. They had floors like you're describing, cool pattern cut into the center of the living room floor and a hairline crack wall to wall through the pattern. I don't know you'd ever fix that or get it to look right.
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    Call Markham Street Paint in Little Rock.

    (501) 225-1678

    Reggie believes the gentleman you want to talk to is David. He walked Reggie through staining the concrete floors in his new hunting cabin (metal building) and it went off without a major disaster. It took approximately 16 man hours of labor and a case of Bud Lite, but the results were fantastic.

    Total cost for stain, sealers, mop, rollers etc. was around $200.

    Are you staining newly poured concrete?

  6. Maggiesmaster

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    NE AR
    We scraped the linoleum off our cabin floor and stained the entire floor. We marked off 1 ft. squares with narrow tape to get a tile look and it worked great. You need to get the concrete really clean before you apply the stain, and apply a poly coat every couple of years in order to preserve the color. My wife is the expert, but I believe she used ordinary paint (or stain). It's by far the cheapest way to color a floor and can be done by the average homeowner.
  7. alexanderg23

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    I love concrete floors, my parents laid 1500sq ft in their "barn/house" the concrete had fiberglass mixed in it no rebar and helped with the cracks. but you will get some they add to the character. they stained them themselves and it looks great.
  8. Hudge

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    My old neighbors were going to have the floors stained in their house 2 years ago. The house I believe was right at 2000 sq ft. His quote to pull carpet, and stain $8000! :eek: He laid new carpet through out the house for about 1/3 that he said.
  9. Wes Ramsey

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    A buddy of mine fixed up a really nice repo'd house and did that. The previous owners really trashed the place and there were all kinds of pits and chunks knocked out of the concrete. The guys he had to do it fixed it up beautifully and you can't tell there was ever any damage. He said it was about 1/2 the cost of carpet, which means a lot in a 4,000sf house.

    Careful with spilled drinks though - if you leave spilled OJ or coke on the floor very long it will eat the finish off. Another buddy of mine found that out the hard way.
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    hurry up and get the dirt in! i need to work!! and i need some more of that grilled pheasent you cooked:clap:
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    If you cut and grout the concrete it will crack along the grout line. I have done several of the colton steakhouse floors, and my uncles house is completly stained looks awesome. But the new thing is polishing concrete and dying it, you get a more consistant look and polished concrete floors look really good without doing anything to them.
  12. ace777

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    r2g, it will be freshly poured concrete, maybe i should wait a while to make sure it's cured?:head:
  13. ace777

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    last blocks will be in place in the morning, and i have plenty of pheasant to cook!:up::thumb:

    hope to start bringing the dirt in thursday:biggrin: