stabilizer length?

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  1. I am currently using a 6" fuse axium stabilizer. I love it BUT I shot a longer one last week and WOW it was a lot better. I have never used one longer than 6". How long of a stabilizer is "practical" for hunting? I would like to try a longer stabilizer but I am worried about it getting hung up on a limb or just being plain in the way. Please provide input................. I loved the way the longer one shot. I just don't know if it would get in the way. I know there are people on here with longer stabilizers. Just wondering what they have to say about them. Thanks in advance for the advice.
  2. possum

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    I typically use a 12" stabilizer for hunting and a 30" for 3D. I have used one that was 24" for hunting without any problems though.

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    No stabilizer required on my Matthews!!
  4. the one I shot was a 10" I loved it. I may try out a 12" but that ten just felt great. I hunt mostly out of climbing stands and I will be useing a blind for turkey season. Is this the kind of hunting that you do with your 12"? And thanks for the input

    And as far as the "My mathews" comment goes. Its ok, no worries not everyone can own a Hoyt. :fit:
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    I prefer a longer stabilizer on most bows. However sometimes depending on the bow it can be just added weight. The last two or three years most of my stabilizers have been over seven inches or so. As far as being in the way I can't tell much diffrence from a short to long stabilizer as long as you keep under twelve inches. A longer stabilizer helps keep your bow out of the water to if you hunt in the water. I would just watch about adding to much weight to your bow this late in the game might make you drop your bow arm!
  6. The longer one I tried was actually lighter than the one I have now. But man it really worked alot better. I think I may try out a 12".
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    I gotta Hoyt too . Just stays in my boat tho to shoot gar with ...
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    Which stabilizers you looking at.
  9. I was just talking :censored:. I don't care what written on the bow as long as I like the way it shoots.
  10. I really like the Fuse I have now. I think I might stick with a fuse. But I am definetly up for any advice. I don't care the brand. I will try anything. I just want one that works well. You have any suggestions? I was looking into the new fuse "Carbon Blade" It sounds like it would perform pretty well.
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    Mine is about 8". I think. Vibra Shock, something like that. A friend gave it too me. I like it over the short one I had. I have one that is heavy and longer. Older one and don't know what brand it is.
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    I also shoot a 12 inch for hunting and don't have any problems with it getting hung on anything. I don't hunt out of a blind but, I would think as long as you played with it alittle you would be ok in a blind.
  13. ol bucky

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    You might want to put one on it. Might be surprised what it would do for you.
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    I was bs ing y'all anyways I gotta old neutralizer and a new s or z coil I can't remember but that sims works good ! The bow is older than dirt it's probably the second bow Matthews came out with bout a 95 model still shoots good tho. I'm gonna get a new one this summer what's the best in y'all's opinion?
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    If your thinking about a 12 inch, you might want to look at aep stabilizers they have weights that you can place in the stabilizer to give it great balance.
  16. Arkansas Archer

    Arkansas Archer Well-Known Member most things in archery its hard just picking one. I think the fuse products look great and they have some sweet tournament stabilizers. I haven't tried any of the fuse stabilizers yet I'm sure their great. I've always been a fan of limbsaver products I think most of their products work really well. Doinker makes great stuff also it's a little high priced but I guess it all is if you think about it.
  17. 12" B Stinger for hunting. Makes a huge difference and has never been a problem out of a stand or ground blind. Can't imagine shooting without one.

    I'd add, buy a stabilizer for what it's supposed to do. It's to stabilize the bow not reduce vibration or noise. There are better ways to do those things. Choose one that actually stabilizes the bow and improves your shooting. This will almost always mean one that has some weight to it.
  18. 44

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    I hunt with a 12" Posten and it never gives me any problems hanging up. The arrow sticks out further than the stabilizer does unless your at full draw. Plus it's pretty handy to prop your bow up against the tree with too.

    If I would have read huntindoc's post first I would have just put X2.
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    Pretty much, I've never had a problem with a stabilizer being in the way while hunting. If you think about it, until you draw the bow the arrow is sticking out farther than a 12" stabilizer will.
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    Just wondering if you got a kiss or hug when you bought your b-stinger. :biggrin: