St. Louis Cop beats man while people watch

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by bracomadar, Jan 5, 2011.

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    Warning: this video contains violence and adult language...

    So apparently this guy told the cop to shut up, which this cop found as an excuse to beat this guy to a bloody pulp and pepper spray him. Was it smart to tell a cop to shut up? No. Does that justify the use of violence? No. I don't know if this guy was wanted on any other crime, but this cop did not look like he was in any kind of danger in which he had to use violence. The other people didn't seem to feel threatened since all they did was stand around drinking and smoking. I don't know what I find more sick, the fact that a cop is beating this guy for just telling him to shut up, or that the other people just stood around gawking and laughing at this guy getting beat up and didn't do anything to stop it (besides film it). Is this what America has become? We see another human being being attacked by someone else and just because the attacker is wearing a uniform, we stand around and watch like a bunch of antelope watching their former herd member get eaten by a lion.
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    Hope he enjoyed being big man with stick because he will need one where he's going. Amazing a cop could do that, what a jerk and all the people that stood and watched you should be charged too.

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    I did a little bit more research and found out the guy was drunk and supposedly grabbed the cop's ankles and wouldn't let go. I still don't think that should get him a beating. It's enough to get a person arrested, but not beaten. If someone just grabbed my ankles and I beat them with a stick, I would end up in jail. I don't think a cop should be allowed to be justified in any violence the rest of us couldn't justify ourselves. If the guy hit the cop, then I can see him having to defend himself, but if someone grabs your ankles and you can't figure out another way to get away besides beat this guy with a baton, you don't have what it takes to be a cop IMO.
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    I bet he keeps his mouth shut next time.
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    Here's the lesson that should be learned here: Don't run from, lay hands on, or mouth off to the PO-lice. If you do, there's a real good chance you're going to lose some teeth.

    If you don't want to get a beating, don't do anything that might warrant one. Sometimes in this life, a man needs to get his ass whipped to see the light. You never really understand fully what that means until you get hit in the mouth by another person. When that happens, you generally "see the light."

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    If all the police would do this the world would be a better place.

    That goes for parents whipping their kids too! :up:

    As always, I am sure the WHOLE story was not told, just the side the LIBERAL media wanted to show.
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    if you lay your hand on a cop their is always a chance that you could end up DEAD.
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    There are people out there who drink too much and it's their fault, they should have known their limit, but that shouldn't warrant them a beating just for acting stupid. Acting stupid, verbal abuse, and grabbing ankles does not equal a beating and pepper spray. There are people out there with mental problems, who can't help what they do, and those people really should not risk being beaten by police just for what they do. If you're in a normal frame of mind, you should know not to yell at police, or touch them, but most of the time when people do, they are not in a normal frame of mind.

    For all of those saying this should be a lesson, what if this cop had broke this man's back, paralyzed him for life, or caused internal bleeding that eventually killed him? Cops have killed people, or caused lifelong injuries to people for no other reason than the cop lost their temper. If you can't control your temper, you can't control your weapons, and a person who can't control their weapons puts us all in danger. The person getting beat was likely not in their right frame of mind because they were drunk, or had a mental episode and could not control their actions. People will blame them, but ignore the fact that the cop is probably in a normal frame of mind and lost control over his actions by beating this man.

    I do not understand why people would EVER defend the police doing this stuff. This man could have easily been you, or one of your family members. "Oh, but I would never do that." You don't know if a cop might mistake something you say, or that you might have some kind of mental breakdown sometime in the future. The only time they should use violence is when they are in immediate danger, or others are in danger. Whose to say your old father might have some kind of Alzheimer episode, or took too much medication by mistake, and end up doing something similar to police because he's not in the mental frame of mind? I don't want some testosterone crazed lunatic running around beating up on people, or shooting them over the slightest little thing. A while back some Russellville police beat an mentally unstable old man to death just because he threatened them with a pen. You can sit here and debate how deadly a pen can be, but is it so deadly he needed to be beaten over it and shoved in a cell with no medical attention? Violence should always be a last resort to prevent harm to others, not as a tool to teach people a lesson because sometimes they don't survive to learn that lesson. If you have to use violence to disarm someone, you should have the restraint to stop using violence once the threat is over. Luckily for this guy, he seemed like he was able to hobble away from this, but some people aren't able to do that. We need cops to teaching people a lesson like we need criminals teaching people a lesson. "Oh, some guy came in your house and raped your daughter? I bet that'll teach you to lock your doors." I don't want violent criminals walking the street, but more important than that, I don't want cops who are too quick to use violence when dealing with people. You can defend yourself against a criminal, but if a cop threatens, your life, what are you gonna do?
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    Since we were not there to actually witness the event, this could be viewed as assault on a police officer. When someone makes body contact with him, he needs to remove the threat. Looks like he did a good job.

    The guy will probably think twice before he grabs another police officer by the ankles.
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    He thought he could mouth the Cop and he couldn't do anything about it. Well guess what? He got his" civil rights" handed to him. The punk better hope I ain't on the jury. I think the Cop might have went a little overboard but I still think he was justified in his actions.
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    If you grab me by the ankles I'm going to take that as you trying to get me off my feet, some place I don't want to be....your :censored: straight if all possible you're going to get the :censored: beat of ya.
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    What he said x 2. You need not judge till you've walked the streets and earned the respect of those who think they own it. :whistle:
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    It does if they're doing it to the PO-lice, who by virtue of being the PO-lice has every right to crack someone's skull in the interest of public safety.

    First of all, let's define "normal frame of mind." Mine, and society's, definition of being in a "normal frame of mind" is that you behave, you're not a threat to others (or yourself), and you stand down when told to do so. Anything other than that, and you run the risk of getting ruffed up. PO-lice aren't therapists who are trained to determine a person's sanity. They are there to protect society against people who are out of control.

    Well, that would genuinely be tragic; however, it's far better them than me and mine. Again, PO-lice are there for that reason. I'll bet my next paycheck that you'd be begging the PO-lice to "hit 'em again and make it hurt" if that guy in the video had threatened you and yours in some way.

    You've obviously been watching too much Oprah dude. I agree with you to a point, but (and I can't say that I have been, so it's speculation) but it's easy for us to armchair quarterback the PO-lice's action here - but until you're faced with that situation, that's all it is.

    Instincts kick in, coupled with their training, allowing them to survive situations that most of us couldn't imagine. Restraint is not pulling your service weapon out and shooting him on the spot, in my opinion. Him taking a beating for acting insane? Again, the PO-lice aren't there to be someone's therapist.

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    Support your local Fuzz! NOT the thugs!
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    brac, I understand where you are coming from in your viewpoint. And I say this with no ill intent. But you have waaay toooo much faith in your fellow man. And... as unfortunate as it is... no one has a label on their forehead stating 'good guy, just alittle drunk' or 'bad guy, will kill you'. As an officer, you learn very quick that if you are perceived as weak, you will get hurt. And possibly killed. If you are fare to those who show respect... and are a hard :censored: to those who show disrespect, you quickly gain much needed authority. A very useful thing to have when the bad guy is trying to decide whether to attack or not. Just knowing he may very well get his :censored: handed to him may stop a potentialy bad situation from ever occurring.
    Now, this doesn't justify ever beatdown that has ever occurred. But there are times that people just need to go about their business and let those who know how to deal with thugs, take care of business and keep the streets safe for you and your family.
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    Having been a PO for a number of years, I have a feeling we don't know the entire story. Police are trained to escalate force as needed for a suspect to comply. If all the guy in the video did was yell at the PO, then yes, the force used was probably excessive. But if the suspect was refusing to comply, (e.g., get out of the car; hiding hands under him; refusing to put hands behind back, etc.), then the PO might have simply taken the next step of pain compliance of using a baton to fleshy areas, and pepper spray. I had a guy once who refused to get of his car. When I tried to drag him out, he held on and wouldn't let go. When I warned him that he wouldn't like pepper spray, he still wouldn't budge. When I sprayed him in the face with it, he came out swinging. When I popped his calves with a baton, he was more than ready to take a ride with me. While I'm not saying the PO in the video was in the right (I don't know. . . .wasn't there and couldn't see everything), I'm also not going to make a judgment that he was wrong. Let the investigation take its course before making definitive statements about how wrong this officer was.
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    I tell the new officers to act like someone is filming them at all times. Most of the time his or her own in-car camera is filming. It's getting to the point that cops are more afraid of getting sued than getting killed (at least the spouse will get a check). Now cops are supposed to get cussed and spit on and still be polite. Even kids cuss them (usually after the cop tells them to not cuss and hit their parent). It's what the country has become.
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    Liberals always take the side of the bad guy.
    They need a cause to fight for.
    A poor soul to help so they can feel superior.

    There ain't no "Big Rock Candy Mountain".

    Mess with the police, get out of line, get your skull crushed. That's the way it ought to be.
    I hope the cop gets a medal.