Discussion in 'Small Game and Bird Hunting' started by melhuntin, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. melhuntin

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    HAS any one been huntin with dogs today? Wantin to go in the mourn but this cold weather is hard on me. If it is sleetin i know iam goin them little suckers will stir when it starts sleeting.:head:
  2. splitbrow

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    been workin, but i bet ur right about in tha mornin. Wish i could go.

  3. nickl

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    I have hunted the last two days it has been slow but have treed a few .They are staying close to the dens so if you dont get to them fast they will be in the den.Yesterday treed 7. 4dens only got 2 out of 7.
  4. BigT

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    That sucks. But it better than being at work.
  5. Alpha

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    was gonna try hunting solo this evening and the dang dog decided looky looky i get to go too. WRONG. I pulled and arrow out of m quiver and gave her a light spanken. got to teach em some how.:smack:
  6. melhuntin

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    2 asome hunts

    My son got out of school little early thursday me him and nef . took off as soon as the tail gate droped we statred treein in hour&half we had 11 we whent up to the cook shack and cleaned them and fryed the squirrel had biscuts and gravy .We got up this Sat mournin 28 degrees and a dustin of snow we stoped at the cook shack met our buddy.AND OF COURSE son was hungry again so we cooked fryed squirrel scamble eggs finely headed out about 9am.The dogs started a little slow and we finely woke up and the squirrels were jumpin out of tops of trees 22s singin shot gun bomin and dogs a treein people would think were cazy but it dont get any better doin somthin like this with ur son and he loves it.We came out with 20 squirrel.of course we whent back to the cook shack. LIVE IS GOOD THANK THE GOOD LORD:clap: