Squirrels Near Little Rock

Discussion in 'Small Game and Bird Hunting' started by dumptruck70, Dec 6, 2017.

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    Anyone have a good recommendation for a public area near Little Rock that holds decent squirrel numbers? Not looking for a map to a honey hole or anything like that, just a spot to scratch out a few and spend some time in the woods.
  2. Holland Bottoms out near Jacksonville
    Lake Sylvia Area off of HWY 10 will have easy access to the national forest.
    Take a compass in both areas.....
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  3. Don't need no compass in the bottoms just listen for the train
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    Yes but that train can be confusing on a quiet night. I'd suggest a compass or gps app. Been there; done that. Holland bottoms has some good squirrel hunting but so does bell slough and camp sua in areas. Holland bottoms is my choice as I live close.
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    Winona..stupid amount of squirrels..when u get out there sit down talk to urself abt how u hope it’s gonna b a good deer hunt..guaranteed to kill some squirrels!!
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    Yep. Guaranteed. It's a bit more of a drive depending on where you live.