Squirrel hunting question?

Discussion in 'Small Game and Bird Hunting' started by willfred219, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. willfred219

    willfred219 Well-Known Member

    I have a thread going below and it has brought up a question? Everyone on the thread is telling me to go on and squirrel hunt during gun and MZ season. I didn't think you could be in the woods with a rimfire or buckshot smaller that #4 during gun or anything smaller than.45 during MZ. Am I misinformed? Don't want to do anything illegal but don't want to miss out on squirrel hunting if I don't have too.:head:
  2. englishdawgs

    englishdawgs Well-Known Member

    yes you can squirrel hunt during ML and MG deer seasons you just cant carry ammo for both deer and Squirrels. If you are squirrel hunting you can only have ammo and guns legal for squirrels and Vice versa. It is that most deer hunters dont want people out there doing anything other than they are.

  3. QCDually5.9

    QCDually5.9 Well-Known Member

    I believe you will be ok. Although if your technique is sitting over a pile of corn, you may have trouble convincing the GW that you were squirrel hunting.:fit: But you will be required to wear orange. :smack:
  4. willfred219

    willfred219 Well-Known Member

    I must admit that I am leery of moving around too much during Gun or MZ season. I have my own land leased (250 acres), but someone only has to make the mistake one time and my wife and kids are on their own without me.

    Thanks for the info guys.
  5. woodsnwater

    woodsnwater Well-Known Member

    Gosh.... I don't know about private ground. I know on WMA and NWR they are closed, except permit holders for MG and ML season. I can not why you can not squirrel hunt on private ground. There are some who don't deer hunt, but squirrel hunt. I really don't know what to tell you other than ask a WO or call AGFC. I don't want to tell you wrong.:shrug:
  6. englishdawgs

    englishdawgs Well-Known Member

    If it is against the law to squirrel hunt during ML and MG deer season then I have been Breaking the law ever since I was old enough to go hunting. I dont know about all WMA but the ones around me it is not closed neither is it on public land or private land. As it was stated though you have to wear orange. Heck I even hunt with my dog during the deer seasons.
  7. flydown

    flydown Well-Known Member

    It is perfectly legal to hunt squirrels during mg and ml deer season. The only time it would be illegal is on a WMA that has a permit deer hunt going on. Not all WMA's require a permit for deer hunting. On the one's that don't, squirrel hunting during ML and MG season would be legal.
  8. splitbrow

    splitbrow Well-Known Member

    They give out these little books every year that says arkansas hunting regulations. all u have to do is look at it and it will tell u that squirrel season is open from may 15 to february 28. Pretty sure that means u can hunt them from may 15 to feb 28! i no u can't use dogs during muzz and mod gun on some wma's. Get a book it tells u everything. or go to agfc.com
  9. willfred219

    willfred219 Well-Known Member

    I can read the book (I like how you can't ask a question on here without some internet big man giving a smart aleck answer). I just thought you couldn't be out with the rimfire or squirrel shot while a gunseason was going on. Sorry for wasting your intellectual effort Splitbrow.
  10. Big E

    Big E Well-Known Member

    wow! you know splitbrow, my buddie and i were just discussing the same subject. sometimes the rules arent so cut and dry. it takes another mans view point to make things clear. it was a good ?.
  11. QCDually5.9

    QCDually5.9 Well-Known Member

    What about the orange? Do I understand correctly that hunter orange still applies during the MG, MZ season while squirrel hunting?
  12. Big E

    Big E Well-Known Member

    from what i understand you DO have to wear orange. it really would be unsafe if you didnt.
  13. QCDually5.9

    QCDually5.9 Well-Known Member

    That's what I was thinking. But I was the only one to post in reference to it earlier. Was wondering if I had mis-stated the facts.
  14. ralin

    ralin Well-Known Member

    Yes you have to wear orange,yes you can squirrel hunt during MG or ML except on WMA's that have a permit deer hunt going.
  15. angus

    angus Well-Known Member

    You can indeed squirrel hunt and in fact, assuming both seasons are concurrent you can also take along a deer rifle. Whether you have a deer rifle or not you have to wear orange. I have gone out mainly for squirrels at times and I have an old open sight 8mm Mauser I used to take just in case a deer wandered by, and a time or two, a deer did wander by. Kinda fun to come home with a few squirrels as well as some unexpected venison!! WHAT YOU CANNOT DO, is have a high powered rifle, pistol, or slug/buckshot on your person when deer season is not open. But taking a small caliber gun along while also deer hunting is fine and simply hunting small game during deer season is also fine, assuming you wear orange.
  16. reb henderson

    reb henderson Well-Known Member

    If there is a quota permit deer hunt on a WMA, you cannot squirrel hunt on it. If it is not a quota permit hunt, then it is usually open to whatever. If deer season is in, you will have to wear blaze orange on public or private land.
  17. cadroncreek

    cadroncreek Well-Known Member

    he smarted off to me the same way about a question i had willfred...There's all types on this forum.....lol
  18. cbradley

    cbradley Well-Known Member

    Would u guys really take an answer to a regulation question from this forum & head out hunting? I can see somebody telling the WO "but everybody on ah.net said I could....." There is an agfc facebook page where u can post questions if the book is not clear. You will get an official answer and have documented proof. There are conflicting answers in this thread already. I'm with splitbrow on this one...
  19. FrogTacos

    FrogTacos Well-Known Member

    Species: Squirrel, gray;Squirrel, fox
    Zones: Statewide
    Opens: 5/15/2010
    Closes: 2/28/2011
    Shooting Hours: 30 Minutes Before Sunrise Until 30 Minutes After Sunset
    Daily limit is 8. Possession limit is 32.
    Squirrels may not be hunted with rifles or pistols larger than .22 caliber rimfire or with muzzleloaders larger than .40 caliber unless a modern gun or muzzleloading deer season, bear season or coyote season is open. Squirrels may not be hunted with shotguns using rifled slugs or shot larger than T shot.

    Took me about 30 seconds to pull this off the AGFC website.
  20. 7 point

    7 point Well-Known Member

    Willfred sometimes you have to over look someones,while well meaning,smart alex answer. He's right though everything you need to know is in the book. The best time to squirrel hunt is during the MZ season,but I love to anytime they are jumping.