Squirrel hunting for a beginner

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  1. dryoga

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    I have a grandson who is 11 and hunts and fishes all the time. He now wants to go squirrel hunting which I know nothing about. Neither does his Dad. We hunt doves, ducks, deer, pheasants, and fish. Tell us what to do to start a grandson squirrel hunting. We have lots of woods where we can take him.
  2. QuailRidge

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    Slip through the woods. Lean against a tree about every hundred yards and let the woods settle down. Sometimes you have to be still for 5 minutes, sometimes 20 or more. That's about it. Try to key in on food sources. This time of year I like to find a few mulberry trees.
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  3. JB Weld

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    As I have gotten older, I prefer squirrel hunting over just about any game. This time a year he probably will do best with a shotgun. In the fall though, I love to get after them with a 22. Hunting squirrels is pretty simple. Like stated above slipping through the woods is a great way to start. I would recommend a comfy stool to set on when you are waiting for movement. Get one with a strap so it is easy to carry. Pound for pound, I think squirrels are one of the toughest animals in the woods. They sure are good to eat!
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  4. orangefeetdown

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    Park, walk in the woods slowly looking in the trees, watch for squirrels, shoot, and move on through the woods looking for more. Easy.
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    Easier said than done. Especially with a 22 and all this foliage
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    Aren’t you in the rimfire category? Hope your partner doesn’t read your post. Do we need to move you to the shotgun category?
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    N. Texas
    AR with high cap mag & bumpstock…..foilage disappears pretty quick...;)
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    Can’t beat squirrel hunting with a good dog. He’d definitely get hooked if you got him one
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  9. QuailRidge

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    Once the trees leaf out good I usually leave the dog at home. I have a hard time finding a squirrel that is hiding amongst all that greenery.
  10. R6mm

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    N. Texas
    Agree. Probably the best way to start a kid out squirrel hunting. Don't have to be still for long periods, don't have to get up real early, & get to move around & talk to him while the dog is working.
  11. Hobbshunter

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    Hunting them is a blast, and it's easy. Just get out there, and you'll figure it out. It's perfect for kids.
    Here's how to skin them. They're delicious.
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