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Squirrel hunt

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I have a rat terrier thats about 2/3 year old dog that was my dad before passing. He will tree squirrels here at my house. I have never try to hunt him in woods as most of the time I duck hunting now. I been wanting to get my boys out to hunt squirrels and my lease is under water as will as most the wma's are to. Dose anyone know of a place I could take my kids and this old dog out to try to hunt. I live in NLR. I really like to see it this dog will tree and my boys shoot one. G You can pm me if you like.
Thanks for any help
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Would it be okay where you live, to shoot a couple of squirrels out to see how he reacts, if he is gun shy, ect. I have a good squirrel dog and you, your dog, and children are welcome to hunt with me and my two sons. I live in Hot Springs if that is not too far for you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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