Squirrel Hunt was Fun Today

Discussion in 'Small Game and Bird Hunting' started by RWilliams, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. RWilliams

    RWilliams Well-Known Member

    We had another great hunt today. It got off to a slow start but this afternoon they really started moving. We got 16 and let 5 just mess all over us. My wife hunts with us and she has a great time too! :up:

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  2. Tink

    Tink Platinum Member<br>2011-2012 Bowhunting Contest Te

    Congrats on a great hunt looks like a good time. Nice looking dog to by the way. :up:

  3. melhuntin

    melhuntin Member<br>Forum Sponsor

    Is that a full blooded yellow lab? I use to have a black lab that was a good dog. We went this after noon did have a good hunt.
  4. RWilliams

    RWilliams Well-Known Member

    Mel that's a registered MT. Curr. Guess you can't tell from the pic that he is bobtailed and has a white streak on his face and white on his feet.

  5. Big E

    Big E Well-Known Member

    you guys have been giving them tree ninjas heck!!