Squirrel Hunt Today

Discussion in 'Small Game and Bird Hunting' started by RWilliams, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. RWilliams

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    We had a great hunt today and an awful of a lot of fun even if it was 14' outside. My wife went with me and my buddy Jerry and his dogs. I hope the pics appear for you to see. We also had one heck of a coon fight. The dogs found some coons buried up under the roots of a tree and went in after them but when they came backing out they were wearing the coons on their heads. Ole Jake was screaming like you wouldn't believe but he never quit until he got the best of that coon. There were 3 big coons under the roots at that tree. If the pics work out one is Jerry and me "Roger", and the other is me and my wife with the tailgate shot. The dogs were too tired too unload for a photograph. lol Thanks for looking.

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  2. Big E

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    wow!! great job!:clap:

  3. RWilliams

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    I can't get the other pic to upload. I need more space but I don't know how to aquire it. Oh well you can tell we did have a pretty good hunt today.

  4. Tink

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    Congrats! What were they cutting on?
  5. RWilliams

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    They are still eating acorns in the river bottoms.