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  1. wood duck whacker

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    I have squirrel hunted since I was about 6 years old, I am now 34 and decided I would like to get some dogs. I have never hunted over dogs for squirrel. What is the best breed? All opinions welcome. What are the traits of each breed. One dog, or two or three dogs? Good source to learn to train. All help is appreciated. Thank you.
  2. If I was goin to buy 1, I would buy a mt cur or feist. I wouldn't want a rat terrier, but thats just me....

  3. j. english

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    I would reccomand u get 1 dog first to train its a lot easier to control 1 pup then it is 2. I would also get a mtn cur (kemmer stock) but that's just cuz I hunt & like them.
  4. Ktalbertfirefighter

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    X3 on the mnt curs thats what I hunt and they arent hard to train mine did most on his own
  5. BowHunter21

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    Yeah, getta cur dog
  6. gunslinger66

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    I like curs and fiests, the thing is get you a dog from hunting stock and I dont mean grandparents I mean a hunting mom and dad. I think if you have never hunted a dog I would go with someone a while with a dog and probably buy a started or finished dog. If you start with a pup not knowing what your doing you and the pup could end up frustrated and quit.
  7. dkhern

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    like already said cur fiest get from good hunting stock do that and pup will probally only need time in the woods
  8. Saline River

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    Cur or feist, only one dog you don't need more than that, they aren't pack hunters plus easier to put all your time in one dog. I recommend finding a started or finished dog. A pup takes alot & I mean alot of time & patience.
  9. wood duck whacker

    wood duck whacker Well-Known Member

    I have trained several duck dogs for myself and for others so I know to get from hunting stock and the time. I appreciate the help. What is difference in hunting styles between curs and feists? I have coon hunted and briefly owned a dog I bought shortly before buying me first duck dog and sold him back to the man I bought him from and he ended up being 3rd in the world. I'm a fair hand at picking pups so far. But have always know what I am looking for when I go into it. I don't know in this case so will take any continued help.
  10. Zeeriverrat

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    Wood duck whacker...I was in your shoes about 2 years ago...looking for my first squirrel dog. I ended up getting a grade feist out of hunting parents from a member here on the board, and I didnt spend much money.... I wanted a smaller type dog that would hunt close and double as a family pet... I have had and trained, retreivers, rabbit hounds and airedales...all hunting dogs, all smart and trainable....but this feist is different than all of them! She runs on 220 volts all the time and is smart as a whip...she trained herself on squirrels...I just encouraged her to get after them... She is almost 2 now and lives to hunt squirrels...has treed coons as well, and she trails blood too. When she hunts she uses her ears, nose and eyes all the time...and she is still a great watch dog and family pet... What's not to like.....

    If I was a driven squirrel hunter and 20 years younger I would probably gotten a Mtn Cur....but this feist suits my needs perfectly. Hope that might help you out a little...

  11. MountainBuck

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    Much the same as you only a lot older now, I hunted squirrels with a dog when I was a kid and decided I wanted to get one for my upcoming retirement since I should have a lot more time to Spend with a dog and hunting. After a good bit of research I chose a Mountain Cur, But Mountain Fiest are a good choice also. I Got mine from Donnie and Mary Clark of Mountain Grove, Mo. Great people who come highly recommended and Love their Mountain Curs. Here is a link to their website which has a good bit of info on it , http://www.castlehillkennels.com/ Also you can go to Squirrel Dog Central which has a forum and get Good Info. Good Luck!! BTW, I'm sure enjoying my Pup, He is really showing signs of high intelligence for his age and like the guy above said, He is like the energizer Bunny.
  12. Go get a grown JackRussell from the pound. Take it out with you when you go squirrel hunting for a few weeks. You will have a decent squirrel dog in no time.
  13. Same situation. Only I'm 38. Got my first tree dog last feb. he is a Ladner black mouth cur. (Ole yeller) Look them up. Research every breed. A good breed won't need a lot of training. I got mine from the Ladner kennel. Hutsonblackmouthcurs is good too. I would recommend planning your purchase so that your pup will get lots of woods time during fall and winter months. the breed I have will hunt short periods 30-45 minutes starting at 3 months. With proper timing and lots of woods time they will tree by 5 months. Also think about socializing your pup at 8-10 months, if you plan on hunting with other dogs. In my brief experience, my LBMC loves for me to get him excited about a squirrel. At 3-4 month I could ask him where a sq was and he went from my buddy to a hunter. They are protective of the family and just humans in general. This summer at 7 months he sat at a tree with a caged sq, barking and wouldn't leave for 45 minutes straight. As long as he sees the game he will stay and bark. That's part of being young I guess.
    Short version... Research, get good bloodline, get them in the woods. ALOT. I can answer lots about my breed if you need. Look him up. "Vincent's Talktome Goose" on YouTube. Have a couple vids there when he was 5 months treeing.
  14. turkey spurs

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    I have a litter of well bred Kemmer Curs for sale. Mom and Dad are proven squirrel dogs. They are not cheap, the reason they are not cheap is because they are a proven cross. Most every puppy from this blood line has started treeing by the time it was 7 months old. This is a really good blood line. I sell them for $300.00 each. My # is 1-318-464-5819 Jared Tyler Sarepta ,La. I have them for sale under dogs for sale. There are some pictures of the mom and dad there with a tailgate full of squirrels. Proof is in the pudding!
  15. wood duck whacker

    wood duck whacker Well-Known Member

    I have a 15 year old girl a 13 year old girl who will play with it while it a couple weeks old and a 4'year old girl who will make dang sure all the dogs get feed at the same time. She will tell me it's time to feed and if I don't hop right up next thing I know she has all the dogs fed and watered in thier proper areas! What is better with kids curs or feist? I not gonna run out and buy one this weekend I gonna make sure I have done all my research before I buy. Thank you for all your help and once again I will take all continued help
  16. j. english

    j. english Well-Known Member

    My kemmers r great with my kids. Then again I'm a big kemmer fan. So r my kids & the wife. Do ur homework on the dogs & get what suits ur family the best :) & I hope its a kemmer
  17. wood duck whacker

    wood duck whacker Well-Known Member

    Is a Kemmer a bloodline or slightly dif breed than a black mouth or mnt cur?
  18. j. english

    j. english Well-Known Member

    Kemmer dogs r ther own breed of mtn cur now. They originated from the original mtn curs
  19. backstrapfever

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    I picked up a male out of his litter. He is a good pup. You won't go wrong with any of his pups. I have another mt cur who is great with my kids. My two year old tries to ride him and Jiggs doesn't mind at all. I have not ever had a fiest but have owned lots of hounds and a few curs and jagdterriers I like the way curs handle and hunt to please you out of the dogs I have had.
  20. MountainBuck

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    Originally part of a breed called "Original Mountain Curs," it is said that Mountain curs date back to European hunting dogs brought to Tennessee by settlers in the 19th century. Kemmer Stock Mountain Curs are a line of squirrel dogs, known for their excellent hunting abilities, started by a man named Robert Kemmer from Tennessee, USA. He established the Kemmer Stock Mountain Cur Breeders Association to breed and work for the betterment and preservation of the Kemmer Cur. "Cur" means crossbreed in the vocabulary of the American Kennel Club, and therefore cannot be recognized by the AKC. However in 1957 the United Kennel Club recognized the Mountain Cur and Robert Kemmer's stock was registered in 1991. These Kemmer lines have since gone into many different breeds. The Kemmer association will register a litter with white papers if the litter has more then 75 percent of the Kemmer Stock lines and will register the litter with green papers if the dogs have less then 75 percent of the Kemmer stock lines in them. It was decided by the attending members of the Kemmer Stock Breeder's Association that Kemmer stock dogs which are not white papered cannot hunt in the kemmer stock world hunt.


    Robert Kemmer and Old Rough


    Robert Kemmer, Rough and Champ
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