Squirrel Dog?

Discussion in 'Small Game and Bird Hunting' started by AirForceHawg, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. AirForceHawg

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    Hey guys. I absolutely love squirrel hunting, but I never have much luck. Until I joined these forums, I wasn't really aware of the advantages garnered by having a good squirrel dog.

    I'm getting a house next year, and a fenced in yard is a must. My sister just bought a labradoodle (**** Obama-dog) so now I need to get a dog too. :wink: More so, I've been wanting my own dog for a while now. Ever since I was really young, my dad has told me stories about how he and his dad and brothers raised beagles when he was growing up in Tennessee. They were DIRT POOR and hunted for most of their food, so he fondly remembers those dogs. So needless to say, I'm getting a beagle.

    Now, here's where my knowledge drops off. I have a 13 year old standard dachshund right now; I'm almost 20. I have no idea how to train a hunting dog. To be honest, I don't even know whether to get a male or female. For what it's worth, my dad said the females were better behaved, but I can't name a female John Wayne so I'm kind of set on a male. But are beagles good squirrel dogs? I know they're better suited for rabbits, and I've been told that Jack Russells are the ultimate squirrel dogs, but if I can do it (and maybe coons?) with a beagle, I'd love to carry on the tradition.

    Any input on beagles, other dogs, training squirrel dogs, or pictures of CZ squirrel guns would be appreciated.
  2. bk1167

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    My Dad had a Fox/Rat terrier cross that hunted just about anything. Squirrel, coon rabbit and HATED cats. I guess if it's fun to them just about any breed or mix will hunt.

  3. dirtdart

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    Squirrel dogs are fun to have. Terriors seem to be about the best I've ever seen. Squirrel rifles are a mixed lot. Some go with bolts some with levers and there are 10-22 fans out there that will say that it's the best thing to happen to squirrel guns since the ..22LR.

    Doesn't matter what you get as long as you have a good time doing it. I like the joy of hunting with a single shot .22 using nothing but iron sights. Have a Remington Speedmaster that will do the job also when the rats get skiddish.
  4. John E.

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    There are some good squirrel dog forums that you should look into.

    The best and most sure way to get what you want is to do your homework and find a well bred pup that is out of a line of dogs that are what you would like to end up with. Then your training will be mostly obedience and if you take the dog to the woods it will naturally do what is bred into it and you can watch it develop and smile at how easy it is to train a squirrel dog.
    But, if you get a pup that is not from squirrel treeing parents then that is probably what you will end up with no matter how much you work with it. A pig in a poke kind of thing.
    Google sq. dog forums and also Full Cry magazine. Dont rush into it and find other people with sq. dogs to go and hunt with. They are all different and some good squirrel dogs might not be what you want, because they hunt too wide or too close or?
    For the most part the different breeds of curs and fiest are where the best sq. dogs are.
  5. gator_510

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    I hunt a cur/fiest cross and a full blooded mt. cur, they are the best for squirrels. There is a guy on here name Jason (jhatch) he is in your part of the country, holler at him he can help you alot.
  6. AirForceHawg

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    It looks like a Mt. Cur may be in the works for me now. Or maybe a rat terrier.
  7. splitbrow

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    Mtn. Cur, you don't need to now how to train them. Just get him out in the woods!
  8. splitbrow

    splitbrow Well-Known Member

    noticed ur in Fayetteville. Got my cur and a friend of mine (cbradley) got his brother from a guy in southwest missouri. They are both barely over a year now and doing great! Squirrels and coons. If ur interested pm me and ill give u his name and number or send u some pics.
  9. AirForceHawg

    AirForceHawg Well-Known Member

    Now it's getting tricky. I looked at the Huntin' Dog section and saw the thread about West Siberian Laikas. They seem to be a little more difficult to come by and more expensive, but I'm a Russian major so that side of it is kind of unique. Plus, my girlfriend already thinks they're gorgeous dogs. I'm leaning toward the Cur based on a bunch of factors, but I still want to explore the laika a little more.
  10. SalineRiver

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    How do you want to hunt? I mean are you going to chase them on foot, atv or road hunt them out of a truck? That is going to make a big decision on what dog you choose.

    If you want a beagle by all means get a beagle. But don't expect him to hunt squirrel just because you want him to hunt squirrels. They are better trailing dogs.

    You have a huge selection of dogs to choose from. Check out Squirrel Dog Central for opinions, tips, hunts etc.

    I hunt a West Siberian Laika. They are amazing dogs that are used for treeing (what you want) baying, trailing etc. Very smart dogs. My buddy has fiests because they hunt closer and are easier to keep up with on foot.

    There are tons of ways to train dogs but the key to training a good or even fair squirrel dog is if they want to tree. :banghead: You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear...

    I'm sure there are some cracker jack beagle squirrel dogs out there. See if you can find someone with a beagle that trees and get a pup.
  11. Oakhill

    Oakhill Well-Known Member

    Forget the beagle if you want a squirrel dog. They make excellent rabbit dogs. They might trail a squirrel, but 99% of them will not tree. Get a dog bred for squirrel hunting, a MT. Cur is very good or a feist out of hunting stock. Also, you might look at some tree hound crossed with a Mtn. Cur (treeing cur) they are good on coons or squirrels.
  12. SHOT

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  13. wildgameassassin

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    Do yourself a favor and find a well bred Mt. Cur. They are a natural tree dog who will instictive tree and use their nose to tree. All you have to do is show them what you want to go after, ( as in playing with them with a dead sqrl or sqrl tail, or a caged sqrl) and then keep them in the woods. And dont expect a young dog to be treeing after 5 trips to the woods. It can happen but most likely won't. It is a process that take time and hour and hours and miles and miles of woods.
  14. SHOT

    SHOT Well-Known Member

    I could very easily say do yourself a favor and get you a feist. Bottom line everyone is different. If your interested in a feist I pointed you in a good direction. Good luck on your choice..
  15. lbray

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    hello im located north of rogers i hunt treeing rat terriers
    and feist i if u would like to see what squirrel hunting is about we can
    meet up and go thanks lbray
  16. shady grove

    shady grove Well-Known Member

    Exactly, ever great once in a while you here of a beagle fallin out of a race to tree a squirrel but it almost never happens. Everybodys heard of one but nobody can show you one.
  17. angus

    angus Well-Known Member

    GET YERSELF A 100% KEMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great pets, great companions, great tree dogs!!Plus, ain't no purdier dog around!!! Cajun squirrel dogs {Kemmer-Mullins Feist Hydrids) ain't too bad neither. Just my humble opinion. Did I tell you I am somewhat partial to Kemmers?
  18. bkcreel

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    All good advice. The breed or line of dogs is a personal preference as long as you stay with the treeing bloodlines. I hunt mullins fiests. Have 6 and all are good hunters and great pets. Jody Mullins in Bearden Ark is a good source of info. My first dogs came from him and we have been producing our own for the last 10 years. No complaints at all.