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squirrel dog wanted

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Looking for started pup or a pup ready to start. Breed doesn't matter, prefer cur and papers are not necessary. I just want a dog bred to tree.
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I live in Garland county and have a good dog if you ever want to go. Hard to find anyone to go sometimes. May know of a young dog or two.
That would be great. I have heeler that does anything I tell him to do and hates squirrels. If A dog will show him the ropes he will do it. Maybe we can get a hunt planned out. If you do know of a young dog I am interested. I planned on getting a dog trained and hunting it with heeler just for the heck of it.
Cole, I have a young dog that needs shown the ropes if you ever want to go. I live just outside the Garland co line on the south side. I have places we could go. PM me if interested. Sorry I hijacked your thread.
It's ok. I think I have found a young dog that trees but needs hunted. We need to meet up and throw some dogs together.
PM me anytime. I have been taking mine out on the farm as much as I can. He has started to put things together but its gonna take many trips. I love watching him work.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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