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  1. I need some ideas on how to hunt rabbits without dogs, and i need some advice on how to be a better squirrel hunter.
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    Bunny Bustin'

    When I was a much younger man, we would hunt rabbits along the rail road tracks and we never had any dogs. I do not know how it is now, but back then each side of the tracks were kept clear and the brush was piled up and left to rot. We would walk along and kick the brush piles and flush the rabbits. It was a bunch of fun and it worked!

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    Now you go to jail. I work for railroad and they greeedy lol
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    When I used to squirrel hunt without a dog, I'd go to a place I know for certain is packed with tons of squirrel (usually a place I notice while deer huntin earlier in the year). I would try to get out there right before day break and set up against a tree and pop as many as I could when they started stirrin.. After that I'd get up and walk real slow and QUIET through the timber, makin sure I was by a big tree when I stopped to look around (for cover, and a rest in case I needed to shoot). A tip that would help to slip through the woods quietly is to wear a pair of moccasins. good luck!
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    What about the tracks that run through Holland Bottoms and other public land? Maybe that area would be accessible??
    I can remember hunting out there (in the late 90s) and the tracks were not fenced or posted in any way. It has been a long time since I have been there though. I would make sure that the land along the tracks was not posted.
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    I kill rabbits easing around the edges of fields at dusk or dawn squirrels are harder to slip up on after the leaves are gone find what they are feeding on and sit an let them come to you .
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    I hunt squirrels by slipping from tree to tree at about 30 yard intervals. For me it the most fun with a good accurate .22 LR that has a good scope on it. :thumb:
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    Trick I used to use alot with squirrels, when you see one, take of toward him fast. He'll usually just sit tight in the tree. When you get there, throw a limb on the other side of the tree,and he'll run around to your side. It works. you can also carry a long piece of string, and tie it on a bushy limb on the other side, and yank on it a few times. That will scare him around to your side as well. But mostly I just like to sit tight and wait on em. Shoot em and sit tight, they'll come back out sooner if you don't get up.
  9. .22WMR is THE best little squirrel gun-period. Shotgun is easier to hit them with, but a .22WMR rifle with a good 4x32 scope is absolutely deadly for squirrels....and rabbits as well, though you have to be careful with rabbits because if you hit them "just right", they'll open up upon impact. I've gutted more than one before the knife came out of it's sheath; but they were all shot while they were facing away from me (hit in the tail end).

    Squirrels....find a quiet spot among an area known for squirrel populations. Sit down and wait. If you're patient, they'll show themselves. Just think of how many times you've been in a tree stand hunting deer and the squirrels were all over the place. Same principle. They aren't patient, they're quick...and they don't sit still for very long. Just long enough to "think" that the danger is gone.

    The WMR will let you reach out there. 75 yards is getting close to the max for squirrels, I've shot them further than that but unless you're a VERY good shot, it's not worth trying as sometimes it ends up with a wounded animal running off. I can't stand the sight of a wounded animal running away knowing that it may live for hours or days suffering. The gray squirrels are better than the fox squirrels, IMO (better taste and easier to skin). But I'm not a big fan of either one, or rabbits. Edible, but I'd rather have a good steak. When I was hunting more, I'd give them to the retired vets up the road who LOVED squirrel and their brains.
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    Has anyone squirrel hunted Bell Slough in Mayflower?
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    Today is the perfect day to go squirrel hunting. Squirrels are feeding the leaves are wet on the ground and you can see into the tree crowns and also it is easy to see the ones on the ground. Take a dog if you have one. :thumb:
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    I agree with the post 100%, except the rabbit parts (don't hunt rabbits.) Before this year I would do the walk and stop method, and maybe bag a few. This year my sweety bought me a chair to take, and now I get to where I am going and sit, usually within 10-15 minutes they will start popping out, if nothing after 20 minutes, I move onto the next spot. I went from getting 1-2 per trip, to 4-5 easily. I also use a .22wmr, 40gr tmj's, great for squirrels, confident enough with it for the 100 yard shots when they present themselves. Heres the chair:

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    I used to squirrel hunt over in Holland Bottoms using the walk and stop method. I had a chair like the one above, but it had a backrest. I highly recommend the backrest.

    Mine had a zippered pouch that you could carry a snack and a cold drink in. It makes slipping easy and you don't have a bunch of stuff in your pockets.

    It helps (a little) with keeping the ticks off of you (vs sitting on the ground).

    I also liked to use a strap carrier for the squirrels. It would allow them to cool faster than putting them into a vest pouch.

    It can get pretty thick down in Holland Bottoms, so take a compass to keep your bearings. There are tons of hardwoods and there were always plenty of squirrels.

    Edit: I just found a link to a very cool seat! http://www.mackspw.com/Item--i-HSOM3000
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    I've hunted there many times. I think I even killed a squirrel once, but don't remember for sure. I've seen a few tree rats while deer hunting, but they're hard to come by in the areas I've hunted.