Squirrel and Feist Clubs or Associations In Arkansas?

Discussion in 'Huntin' Dogs' started by RC, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. RC

    RC Well-Known Member

    Squirrel and Feist Clubs or Associations in Arkansas. If you know of any would you please list them here with contact info? Thanks!
  2. heacret

    heacret Well-Known Member

    Piney Creek Squirrel Hunters inc., Dover Arkansas only one I noof think there more but not for sure I don't have the number to the place you can try Squirrel Dog Central they have area about state hunts there on there web site hope this helps you.

  3. bill warren

    bill warren Well-Known Member

    Arkansas Squirrel Hunters Inc. The Oldest in the state Started in 1993. We have 4 Comp. hunts each season I Is the Arkansas Hunt The first Saturday in march. We have 1 & sometime 2 Buddy hunts. Our hunts are Cur & feist only. Info. call I-501-581-5512.
  4. Mark g

    Mark g Well-Known Member

    Arkla coon and squirrel club. Saline river on this site is a board member. U can also check Nkc website for a list of comp hunts that are cur and fiest only. Also a club from mena area and a new one out if prescott
  5. outdoorartist

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    I am interested in this... How much are dues and do ya'll have a schedule for this years hunts that you can post on here?
  6. bill warren

    bill warren Well-Known Member

    Our membership dues are $15 per year. Free Arkansas Squirrel Hunters cap with membership. We have an annual picnic cookout at the lock dam in Russellville its a membership drive your immediate family eats free it is always the last Saturday of July. we have already had our competition Hunt at Fifty Six Ar.October the 5th.

    Our Future Hunts Schedule are as Follows

    Dec. 1St thru 7Th Buddy Hunt White River Refuge

    January 18Th 2014 Petit Jean WMA area at Centerville, Ar. It is an NKC 2 hr afternoon hunt cur & feist only Lunch will be served.

    Feb. 15Th 2014 Oxford, Ar. NKC 2hr. morning hunt cur & feist only Treeing contest and Bench to Follow. Lunch will be available.

    March 1St 2014 Wattensaw WMA Hazen, Ar. NKC State Championship elimination hunt Cast Winners of the morning will advance to the afternoon hunt. Treeing Contest and Bench Show to Follow. Lunch will be available.

    Sometime we will have an extra Buddy Hunt at Wattensaw date and time will be announced if we are going to have one.

    We would like to have you as a member. We put on good Honest Hunts. If you need any more information call me
    Bill Warren 501-581-5512 If you want to send your membership call me and I will tell you the address to send it to.
  7. wcccur

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    Arkla and ark squirrel hunters put on some really good hunts. Arkla is having omcba state hunt this weekend at wattensaw.