squirrel and dumpling

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    Boil the squirrel with celery, onion and salt until the meat is falling off the bones. I also add a little poultry seasoning to the water. Dip out the meat and bones and run the broth through a strainer to get out all the tiny bones. Put the broth back on without the meat and drop in the dumplings. These can either be made from scratch (use the recipe for dumplings in the Betty Crocker Cookbook) or use Grands biscuits - the homestyle ones. Each biscuit will make two dumplings if you cut them in half and roll them out. When the dumplings are cooked through (just have to test them, don't know how to look at them and tell if they are done) drop in the squirrel meat, let the whole thing simmer for a little bit, just enough to re-heat the meat and call the kids to dinner.

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    pretty much like story. i add diced carrots. when meat is cool debone watch for small bones. i put meat back in at that point. i use the frozen dumpling break into 4 pices i like small dumplin
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    I use flour tortillas cut into strips, its quick,delicious,easy and cheap.
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    Same as 1st but i pick my meat off the bones
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    I do the squirrels like everybody else but I just mix flour and water till I get a thick paste and spoon it into the water I cooked the squirrel in.

    When they get done I add the squirrel to pot and let it simmer awhile.

    They arent consistent and and arent as pretty as most, but they taste good. :wink:
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    After reading this, I m going to have to take the bb gun off the back deck and shoot a few.:smack: Neighbors don t like me as is now!