Spring Turkey Hunting Lease - South of Malvern

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    Straight Shot Hunt Club

    Although we are a Deer Club, we have very few turkey hunters, we are offering Turkey-Only memberships. Only 10 T-O memberships are allowed, and 4 are already taken for the 2009 Spring Turkey season.


    Dues: $162.50 (determined at half regular dues rate, presently at $325.00) plus one-time key fee of $5.00.

    Season: Spring Turkey season Only (may not hunt anything but turkey).

    Acreage: 2,550

    Location: about 15 miles South of Malvern, AR, right off Ridge Road. Gas Compressor station on Ridge Road is about a mile North of our northern border. Souther border runs briefly along Ark Hwy 222. Gas pipeline runs through our lease.

    Conditions: May only hunt turkey. May only hunt during Spring Turkey Season. Of course, must follow AFGC rules at all times. May not be on lease during any deer season (archery, muzzleload and modern gun). May use club lands for 4-wheeler riding, etc. during non-deer seasons. No guests during first 9 days of Spring turkey season, after that guest fee $20/day with max of 4 days. Guest limited to one turkey only. Game taken are to be checked on camp checksheet. Spouse and children under 18 are not subject to guest fees or the one turkey limit.

    We have a camp area with a cook shack. There are no sleeping facilities, running water, or electricity. Campers & tents are allowed, but are to be removed at the end of the season. Turkey-Only members will have 2nd shot at full memberships (if available) behind members' children turning 18.

    These memberships will be offered on a first come first paid basis. If you want to check out the land before paying, not a problem (but it won't hold a spot). We'll have the lease open Sunday, March 8th from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Be prepared to pay the dues that day if not already paid and to pick up a key.

    Send me a PM with your contact information if interested or e-mail me at pool-shark@asmdgaming.com I can provide you a map to the lease, directions to the gate that will be open that day, and answer any other questions you might have.

    We most likely will have a few full memberships available for the 09-10 Deer season. We won't know how many until May 15th. Feel free to contact me regarding full memberships, or to be added to the waiting list as well.
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    Where is this lease located in regards to Donaldson, AR, specifically the old Donaldson Gro Store that is no longer open?

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    I live in North Little Rock, so I don't go through Donaldson to get there. Looking at Google Maps, from the intersection of Hwy 222 and Hwy 51 (where it turnd South) go about 3 miles east to Ridge Road. North on Ridge Road to Hammond Trail. Left to one of our gates. We have most of the land North of Hammond, up to Hideaway Cut-off. When you get to the Gas line, we have land South of Hammond. We have 2,550 acres.
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    I've replied to you.
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    Did your lease used to be called Big T hunting club?
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    No it didn't, but it is close to what they had.
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    Big T was the club north os us. From what I heard, I think they didn't renew their lease. We used to be called 222 Hunting Club.
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    Used to be lots of turkeys around there.I was a member of bigT 9or10 years ago.I think your lease held more turkeys than ours back then.