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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Bojack, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Bojack

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    Got a few items for sale. I thought I would post on here before I put them on eldoark.com.

    1. Kenmore Upright Freezer
    Great Condition, looks new $200.00

    2. Sears Elliptical Exerciser
    4 months old, hardly used, and I mean HARDLY (wife just had to have it, was only used as my hat rack)
    paid 400.00 will sale for $250.00

    3. Whirlpool Electric Stove
    Great condition, Very Clean
    $200.00 White in color with some black

    I will try to get some pics of these items if anyone is interested.
  2. Allen

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    sent you a pm

  3. What size is the freezer?

  4. Bojack

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    I'll have to get back w/you on dimensions and cubic foot.
  5. OK, Approx. would be fine... waist high? head high? as big as a van??? :eek:

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