Spotted Skunks

Discussion in 'Trapping' started by dirt road kid, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. dirt road kid

    dirt road kid Well-Known Member

    Has anyone been catching any? I caught 2 of them last season in my DP traps. And does anyone know if they are worth anything?
  2. neotoxo

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    Taxidermy mostly from what I understand...they are small for most fur usages to begin with but as novelty they should be valuable

  3. Delbert

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  4. dirt road kid

    dirt road kid Well-Known Member

    They were spotted skunks. If you shaved all the hair off them they proubly wernt much bigger than a fox squirrel.
  5. gunswapper

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    spotted skunk

    Locally called civet cat. Pelts might bring $6-$8. Saw one sell in the round at the fur sale in Russelleville a couple years ago for $51.00! :up:
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  6. johnsmith

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    if you are catching any you should contact blake sasse with game and fish... he has been asking about them statewide if anyone had caught any or been seeing any.