Spiritual fluoroscope image

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    we see a floroscope spiritual image of the Christian. One who walks with the true God and savior Jesus Christ.

    Next we have the image of the spiritual of heart of Islam. Those who follow the teachings of the false prophet Moohammed and his perverse teachings which he overheard while listening to the wrong voice. The same voice that told Eve "you shall surely not die"!


    A similar image may be found of the Mormons and their founder who received his beyond the Bible "revelations" from an angel named "MORON-i". As we all can easily discern a message from an "angel" named Moroni must be true. It couldn't be that Satan was so despising of the intelligence and discernment of the "prophet" that the bearer of the confused message was thumbing his nose at the Moronic hearer.

    In WWII my father was training in Utah and was in Salt Lake city. He and the other servicemen were laughing at the regal statue of Joseph Smith whose brave pose was with and outstretched arm with finger pointing... Directly at the bank.