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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by Black OpsThe legend, Dec 27, 2010.

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    We're taking names on a ballot to try and flush Spinner's out of the WMA's in Arkansas permanently...Visit "Ban on Spinning wing decoys on WMA's in Arkansas" on facebook, just post your name to support the ballot....If we get enough names we're going to take it to the next AGFC meeting and try and force the issue.....Time to put some skill back in duck hunting, if people want to use them on private lands...let em....But let's take back the woods!!!
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    cool! good luck with it guys! :up:

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    Thanks!!! I'll be putting my name on it.:up:
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    Rider.......I would love to see that too but I think it would be easier to get it thru on state owned lands than Fed ground. This is going to be a tall order because of the fact that for some "mysterious reason" they banned them......then brought them back. Backroom deals and good ol boy politics involved somewhere on that deal I can promise you.:mad:
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    we need as many signatures as we can get...since it's on facebook, have your wives, mom's, friends that don't hunt and anybody else you can get support it.....IT'S TIME......TIME TO TAKE THE WOODS BACK:up:
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    I completely agree and would give anything for it to happen. Although they would have helped this morning, since we only saw 6 ducks:smack:
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    can you put a link up. i dont do facebook, so dont know where to even start, i copied and pasted that spinning wing heading, but didnt locate anything in google. Post a link and im sure folks would forward it to all their buddies. Just hard trying to find specific page when in foreign land.
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    Ya'll are worried about spinner's I'm worried about a draw.

    When we were coming back in a warden checked one of our groups, and said they were trying to get rid of the bad boy duck hunter's and that it's gotten so bad down there they are contemplating making it a draw down there for a year just to straighten some of these badazz's up. He also said no one was killing many birds at all that he's ran into.
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    this is like farting in the wind....:fit:
  12. Black OpsThe legend

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  13. Wasn't this already tried once? :head:

    While we're at it, I'm starting a petition to make the state Bow-Only Deer Hunting.
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    Let it go and send your time on something useful. Take the woods back - what the heck where does it end.

    Spinners are just a tool - I would imagine by now they are doing a lot more hurt than good just like some fool blowing a high ball at ducks floating over the decoys.

    Funny thing since I been hunting Oklahoma never have the problems I had in Arkansas - folks over there dont fight over holes and seem pretty tolerant of each other - Of course its illegal to set up within 250 yards of another party and you can be ticketed for the same

    So if you want to do something useful put that on the ballot - :banghead:
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    I appreciate your opinions, so don't take this wrong...but if you don't want to sign it, it's okay.....It was passed before and we can pass it permanently with enough support.....You have to support and push what you believe in, and this seems to be something several of us want done.....The only reason it was passed and then reversed was for the personal benefit of a select few against Brett Morgan's request....those same few have most likely never even hunted on a WMA:up:
  16. bloody acorns

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    Good Luck

    I dont hunt the Metro - went with Boone and Derrick and it was something to see - had a good hunt - but not into the boat racing and the rest that goes with it - Those hands kill birds despite it all - so best of luck - though I still say that limiting the distance to another group would be more beneficial. I grew up hunting the Black River with a bunch of old men that never left the ramp til after day light and rarely put out decoys. The robo and its effectiveness or the lack of will have little effect on the numbers of Jack**** that mess you boys up at the Metro - Duck hunting seems to be cool these days - and I would venture that most will ever see the true meaning of the sport or its heritage.
  17. Blyon

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    wouldn't that be nice! you can't get 50 yards much less 250 most days! literally had 5 guuy set up 50 yards from a nationaly known hole with three robo's and shoot swing ducks! when confronted they said that they knew how to hunt and did not need any advice!?!? :smack::banghead:

    lets just say they moved on shortly after.:whistle:
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    Here I fixed that for you! :up:

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    Oh how the story goes anyone that says a spinner is a tool, a helper. something that doesnt hurt, or the famous everybody else is using one is pretty much saying I WILL SHOOT SWING DUCKS!!!!!! I dont think there is a time that I say man those guys with that robo are sitting them down its always those guys with robos wont quit shooting are swing ducks:head:
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    Those guys are very good friends of mine and I understand what youre saying, but thats part of today's problem: we don't speak up and fight for our rights any more like our grandfathers did....I can remember hunting before the spinner and you still had people set up close, but they couldn't get the ducks to come close enough to shoot a lot of times....now with the spinner, the ducks will dip for a second with no skill required and they get shot at when they do so.....I don't disagree with the things you're saying but I don't think it will take much to move the spinners again....But then again, I could be way off....But we're gonna try:up: